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F.B Purity has received great reviews from a number of well respected websites including The Washington Post, CNET and Lifehacker. Its also one of the top 80 highest user rated firefox extensions on the official Firefox extensions directory (out of a total of over 13,300 extensions), and also one of the top rated extensions on the official Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Maxthon extension directories.

F.B. Purity was reviewed and highly recommended on Get Connected TV:

F.B. Purity was recently featured and recommended in a WSAZ TV news story titled "Dealing With Political Discord on Social Media", a clip of which is shown below:

F.B. Purity was recently featured and recommended on the Grumpy Old Geeks Podcast, a clip of which is shown below:

F.B. Purity Reviewed in the Washington Post

Like several bazillion other users, I like using Facebook to keep tabs on what my friends are up to. What I don't like is the endless stream of "so-and-so took this quiz" and "Joe became friends with Jane" messages and "What Kind of Jedi Are You?" come-ons.

That's why I just became a fan of Facebook Purity, a browser add-on that removes those annoying quiz and application notifications from your Facebook home page.

Personally, I'm loving this add-on. Anything that cuts down Facebook clutter is a winner in my book.

Rick Broida - The Washington Post

F.B. Purity Reviewed by CNET

The interface is extremely intuitive. Apart from having the option to hide a multitude of stories including profile updates and tagged photos, you can hide ...the suggestions box, sponsored box, and the "get connected" box in the right-hand panel of the screen. Facebook has the ability to hide unwanted applications for you, but having all these options clearly marked in one place is very practical. Facebook does not have the ability to hide the side-panel boxes.

The ability to hide different aspects of Facebook, while still having the option to display them, is extremely useful. This add-on is great for people who miss the olden days of Facebook, where cow pictures did not show up in every other post.

Polina Polishchuk - CNET

F.B. Purity Reviewed by Lifehacker

If your Facebook News Feed is still clogged with annoying applications and unimportant updates, simple user script F. B. Purity can seriously narrow it down to just the important stuff.

The script doesn't loudly announce its presence; it just sits in the corner of your News Feed letting you know how much it has blocked. Not only will it block annoying applications like Farmville, Horoscopes, and other nonsense, but it will also hide unimportant posts, like "Daniel is now friends with three people you don't know" or "Bob likes these three pages you've never heard of". Essentially, it removes everything except status updates, photos, and events. If you find your Facebook is seriously cluttered, this Greasemonkey script will cut through the rubbish so you only see the stuff you care about.

Whitson Gordon - Lifehacker

Webutation Scorecard for received a 100/100 Excellent Rating on, the website reputation monitoring service. Which means its free from fraud and malware, is child friendly, reliable and a safe place to browse in general.

100/100 Rating - Webutation Scorecard for is also rated 100% safe on Norton SafeWeb, the well respected Antivirus website, see the report below:

Norton SafeWeb reports F.B. Purity is 100% safe

F.B. Purity also has over 484,000 happy users around the world, here are some reviews from some of them:

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Wow I love what you have done, saves me hours of scrolling through bull crap to actually view stuff that matters
-- derf0293
Amazing. Makes Facebook nice again.
-- BrainLine
it really works as advertised and makes facebook bearable! thank you
-- gda
Awesome. Saved my sanity.
-- bg
Excellent Work. Clean, simple, fast. Being able to toggle the app statuses display on/off without a page redraw (reload?) is very handy.
-- RebeccaMenessec
I've been using this for about a month, and it's definitely the nuclear option when it comes to quizzes. I tried doing the whack-a-mole, just hiding individual quizzes, but they propagate like crazed weasels in a sack and there's always just one more that you haven't hidden. It's a never ending chore. Emphasis on the word chore.

This way, you can nuke them from orbit, just to be sure.
-- willmize
Fluff Busting Purity: When you absolutely, positively MUST kill every survey in your FEED... accept no substitute.
-- ian_m_young
Without F.B. Purity FB for me would be virtually unusable as far as catching up on what my friends are up to. (I have about 1,000 friends) This is wonderful! I have made at least two donations so far and will keep making them as the script gets better and better! I encourage everyone who is using the script to make a donation!
-- dj jeffe
Fluff Busting Purity is one of the best scripts I have installed (of about 25). It returns facebook to the usable service it once was, stripping the newsfeed of undesired items such as quiz and apps messages whilst providing a whitelist for apps that you do want to see. The script does break (when fb changes their code) but so far by the time i've noticed the script has broken, Steeev has updated the script and it works perfectly again.

My only wish is that more coders/developers were as rapid and efficient as Steeev
-- livedream

Fluff Busting Purity app is my new BFF. No more silly apps on my FB feed.
-- monaism
Run Firefox with Fluff Busting Purity to free yourself from the Tyranny of Facebook Quizzes. It's the nuclear option, and it works... like the bomb. BOOM. No more quizzy.
-- chuckdarwin
This is an excellent script and a must have for Facebook users. What is really neat is that if for whatever reason you need to see some of the apps, you can easily show them with the unintrusive text link at the top right of the page which says, "F.B. Purity blocked: X app msgs [ Show/Hide ]" Yep, very well done indeed!
-- MagnoliaSouth
Amazing! It works perfectly. Thank you. I never see those annoying quizzes/applications again.
-- Killalax
Totally brilliant! So sick of those spamming quiz results...
-- Jazzjeppe
Fantastic! no more bloody application messages in the newsfeed! THX!
-- Schneckerl
This simply works. You just saved my day!
-- Bixed
LOVE THIS SCRIPT !!!! Thank you ....
-- Tommy Trout, Jnr
Benefitting the whole of mankind. This really keeps you sane in facebook. If you want to keep basic contact with facebook friends without sifting through silly and annoying app news for hours, this is for you.
-- Gökdeniz
You are a god, and you update it the SECOND Facebook changes their code. Thank you!
-- Powerdusk
urge to kill facebook.. rising. <add purity script> urge to kill facebook.. falling. ps. posted it on facebook for all my friends to add.
-- jamestopdog
I ADORE Fluff Busting Purity! It gives me exactly what I want on my live feed! Thanks again for also blocking all the friending and fanning on the live feed. That was at least as annoying as all the apps!
-- Jeri Lynn
Absolutely wonderful Greasemonkey script. No longer will I have to find out what character someone is in Twilight. Thank you! :) :) :) :)
-- gloss
Thank you so very much for this! Finally my life can be reclaimed from knowing which Star Trek captain / WWII fighter jet / web browser / flavor of muffin all my friends are.
-- leukothea
I didn't realize how I truly adored you until this broke and I was subjected to those freakin quizzes again! Thanks for fixing and here's some paypal coming your way. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.
-- Chris
Thanks for making Facebook actually useful again. The important bits of information were getting lost in the spammy deluge... This is simply a must have for anyone that uses Facebook as a productivity tool.
Thank you!
-- Brian
Thank you so much, I'm actually happy to use Facebook again!
-- Chris
Fluff Busting Purity - like the "old facebook" - only BETTER! removes annoying stuff from your live feed.
-- lucylulu07
thank goodness for greasmonkey and Fluff Busting Purity.. im saved from crappy app messsages i care nothing about
-- GothixHalo
I love this script. I've been using it for something like 6 months and it has never failed. When Facebook changes code it's a 2 minute process to get the new script and hide those annoying quizzes.
-- wendell23
This script is great, something I dreamed of since the beginning of the quizzes :) Also steeev is very cool, he updates the script in a very short time when Facebook changes require it!
-- Sejomagno
Fast updates are appreciated. Works like a charm.
-- Mateo1041

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