How to get the old Facebook layout back by using Revert Site

** Important Information Please Read **

Revert Site is a safe & free browser extension also developed by me that can get the old Facebook design back for you. It has 2 modes, Mode 1 and Mode 2. Mode 1 attempts to get the full old Facebook desktop website design/layout back, but unfortunately it wont work for everyone, as its only compatible with some Facebook accounts.

The good news if Mode 1 won't work for you is thatRevert Site has a fallback mode, known as Mode 2, which can revert all pages on the site apart from the Newsfeed/Homepage, as Facebook redirects you to the mobile version of the newsfeed with Mode 2. I have tried to improve this by adding a sidebar to the right of the mobile newsfeed. The good thing is that any links clicked from the mobile newsfeed or the notifications should open in the old desktop design/layout version of the site, including business Pages, Groups, Messages, Events, etc.

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The info below is not currently correct as the method no longer works unfortunately.

Guide to getting the old facebook design / layout back with F.B. Purity

This method only works for the Chrome (and Chrome compatible browsers), Firefox (and Firefox compatible browsers) & Edge extension versions of F.B. Purity, ( If you are using an unsupported browser, I suggest you might want to install one of the previously listed browsers )

  1. First, install the Safe, Free and Top Rated F.B. Purity browser extension
  2. After F.B. Purity is installed, you should see a little FBP logo icon in the browser's extensions toolbar (the bar to the right of the browser's URL/Address bar as shown in the screenshot above). If its not there, you may need to look in the extensions overflow section (behind a puzzle piece icon on Chrome, as shown in the following screenshot:
    Screenshot showing the location of the Jigsaw Puzzle piece extensino overflow menu button in Chrome
    or a double right facing chevron on Firefox as shown in the following screenshot:
    Screenshot showing the location of the extension Overflow menu button in Firefox
    once you have found the FBP extension button, click it to open FBP's Revert to old design option screen.
  3. Tick the Checkbox, then reload any Facebook tabs or pages that you have open in your browser, or just open in your browser
  4. That's it, you are done! Now whenever you visit Facebook in this browser it should open in the old design / layout format

Please Note If you are having problems getting the above method to work, I have created a super simple add-on called "Revert Site" that is very easy to use, just install it and you are done! (Please note Revert Site is also only available for the browsers mentioned above.

What to do if you are using Safari or the GM Script version of F.B. Purity or another unsupported browser?

Unfortunately the above methods for reverting back to the old facebook layout do not work in those versions of FB Purity. But do not fear, you have a couple of other options.
  1. Use the built in Facebook option (if available) to revert to the old "Classic" version of Facebook, which is located under the triangle menu at the top right of any Facebook page. If you don't have that option, but are a Group or Page admin, you may have the Switch Back option at the top left of your Page/Group admin interface.
  2. If the Facebook option is not available to you, find what's known as a "User Agent Switcher" extension for your browser, then use it to set your browser's "User Agent" to "Internet Explorer 11", "Chrome 48" or "Safari 10", this will trick Facebook into thinking you are using an old out of date browser, and so will show you the older version of the Facebook site.

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