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If you have any problems or questions about F.B. Purity, please first read the F.B. Purity FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

News of important updates to FBP and changes affecting FBP are posted to the FBP Fan Page so click "like" on that page and view it to get the latest fbp news, you can also subscribe to email news updates via the FBP News page, to make sure you never miss important FBP news and updates.

Before reporting an error or problem, please check that you have the very latest version of FBP installed (***from this site***) as Facebook often update their site which sometimes causes FBP to break, which means F.B. Purity needs to be updated to work again, and if you dont have the latest version of F.B. Purity installed, it most likely wont work correctly.

Please be aware that Facebook have now disabled the loop-hole that FBP (and Revert Site) used to get the old Facebook site design back. So this feature is not currently working. Please be patient while I investigate the possibility of getting it working again.

BTW If you still want the old design, its possible if you are a Facebook Page or Group Admin, there should be a switch that lets you switch back for 48 hours on the Page/Group admin page.

Also, please read and follow all the steps in the Troubleshooting section of the FAQ as it will almost certainly answer your question or solve your problem. It also gives instructions on how to provide a detailed and useful bug report.

If you contact me with a problem without first reading the FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide, your message will most likely be ignored.

To proceed to the contact form, tick here to confirm that you have actually read and followed the important instructions above: (If you tick this box without following the required instructions above, your email will be deleted)

BTW I may not be able to reply to all mails, but feedback is welcome. -- Steve

Please note, your email address will not be added to any list or sold, it will only be used to reply to your query.

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