How to Edit the F.B. Purity App Whitelist

By default F.B. Purity hides all stories, posted by unknown games and applications, from your newsfeed. There are a few exceptions, as there is a default "whitelist" built into the script, which allows the following "external" applications to post stories to your newsfeed:

Facebook iphone application, selective twitter, tumblr, digsby, tweetdeck, tweetdeck for iphone, facebook for blackberry, facebook mobile widget, facebook for android, facebook for palm, facebook for motorola (motoblur), iphoto uploader, picasa uploader, sprint/samsung photo/video uploader, SonyEricsson, MusicPlayer, Status Shuffle, Facebook Exporter for iPhoto, official flickr application, HootSuite, Live Journal, HTC Sense, Blackberry App, Windows Phone, LG Phone, Windows Live Messenger, Facebook for Android, Samsung Mobile, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Gwibber.

To view the game / application stories that have been hidden by the app filter, click the "[ Show ]" link next to the "hid x app" message in the F.B. Purity info bar at the top of your newsfeed.

Adding Facebook Applications to The F.B Purity Whitelist

There are a couple of ways you can add games and applications to the whitelist, the easiest way is to click the "WL" (WhiteList) link that appears when you hover over an application story, below the "BA" (Block Application) link and the normal Facebook chevron/arrow menu button. Clicking the "WL" link will add that application to your whitelist. You can view and edit the list of application IDs you have added to your whitelist on the F.B. Purity Options screen.

You can also add application IDs to the list manually, by pasting their IDs into the whitelist box each on a separate line, on the options screen. You just need to know the application ID of the app you want to whitelist. You can find its ID by going to the application's homepage, by clicking the "via <application>" link at the bottom of an application post , then looking at the URL (a.k.a web address). The applications ID is the numerical bit after "application.php?id="

e.g say i wanted to add the "Honesty Box" application to the whitelist manually, i would go to the "Honesty Box" application page, and look at the URL, which should look something like :


well the ID for that application would be : 2552096927

If the application page URL doesnt have an ID in it, go to the applications Wall or Info page, that page should have the application's ID in it. Or failing that, look for the "Block Application" link, the application ID will be definitely be embedded in that link. Another place to look for the application ID is in the "posted via someapplication" link at the bottom of the application post in your feed, if you hover your mouse over that link, it will probably display the application ID in the status bar (the bottom right hand corner of your browser)

How to stop application filtering completely?

If you want to see all application and game stories in your feed, and dont want them filtered out, you just need to untick the hide "Game + App Stories" box under the "More Options" heading on the F.B. Purity Options screen.

A screenshot of Fluff Busting Purity's Application Whitelist:

Screenshot of FBP's Application Whitelist

Friends Whitelist

A screenshot of Fluff Busting Purity's Friend Whitelist:

FB Puritys friends whitelist

FBP also has a Friend Whitelist option. By "whitelisting" a friend, it means their posts will not get filtered out by F.B. Puritys newsfeed filters. To access the Friend whitelist, click the "Friend Whitelist" header, next to the "Custom Text Filter" header, then select the friends you wish to add from the drop down box, then click the "Add friend to whitelist" button. When you have finished adding the friends you want to add, click the "Save and Close" button.

See also : Customizing the F.B. Purity "Extras" list

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