F.B. Purity Frequently Asked Questions / Help

If you are having problems getting F.B. Purity to work, please read and follow the steps in the Troubleshooting Guide.

If for some reason you wish to uninstall F.B. Purity, click here

What is F.B. Purity?

Fluff Busting (FB) Purity is a web browser add-on that helps you to take control of your Facebook experience. It does this by letting you filter out the spam, such as ads, quizzes and games etc, and also the messages such as "x became a fan of y", "x joined group y", "x became friends with y", "x is attending event y". See the F.B. Purity features page for the full list of what FBP can do.

How much does F.B. Purity cost?

F.B. Purity is donationware, which means if you like the script / extension and it helps you out and you appreciate and respect the hard work put into this, you can thank me by making a donation.

Where Can I Download F.B. Purity?

You can download F.B. Purity here: Install F.B. Purity

Where can I find out the latest news about Fluff Busting (FB) Purity, including latest releases etc

If you want the latest news and information about the script beamed to your computer screen directly when its updated, "Like" the FB (Fluff Busting) Purity Fan Page, and I will keep you updated with news of the latest releases, bug fixes, tips and tricks etc. Though in order to make sure you get the updates, you should subscribe to the FB Purity News Interest List: that should make sure that posts from this page appear in your newsfeed.

Another option which makes it even more likely you will receive the news as it happens, as it actually gives you a notification whenever theres an important post about FB Purity. To enable notifications when I post an update, go to the FBP Fan Page and hover over the "Liked" button, then select "Get Notifications". Alternatively You might like to subscribe to the Fluff Busting Purity News RSS feed, Fluff Busting Purity News, you can also subscribe to the news feed via email. I will also be making update announcements on the offical F.B. Purity Twitter account. If you want instant notification of updates, you can subscribe to F.B. Purity updates via SMS on the F.B. Purity Twitter page.

*UPDATE* The latest version of FB Purity has a new built in notification system. When there is new news on the FBP Fan page, a small red notification box will be displayed under the FBP link at the top of the facebook page along with the number of new posts.

Clicking the notification will take you to the FBP fan page, and the notification will go away. Alternatively you can click the "X" to dismiss the notification.

These notifications are important as the FBP Fan page has news about new releases of FBP, and any big changes that Facebook makes to break features of FBP, and any changes to FBP, such as new features, bugs, workarounds etc. If you don't want to receive this information or don't like these built in FBP news notifications, you can turn them off via the FBP options screen.

What is a Web Browser extension (also known as an add-on)?

A web browser extension is a program that extends and enhances the functionality of your web browser (the program you use to browse the web), and gives you extra functionality and or customization options on websites that you visit.

What is Greasemonkey?

Greasemonkey is an add-on on for the Firefox web browser (and certain other browsers too), that lets you alter the way websites are displayed to you in your browser. The way it works is you download scripts (small sets of custom instructions) for the sites you want to alter, once installed the script changes the page in some useful way, perhaps changing the layout or adding new features to the site, or even removing features you don't like.

What Web Browsers are compatible with F.B. Purity?

F.B. Purity is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Maxthon. It should also work with compatible browsers, for example RockMelt, Flock and Avant Browser are compatible with Chrome, so the Chrome version of the extension should work with those browsers.

Is F.B. Purity available for Internet Explorer?

No, and I don't plan on releasing an I.E version, due to the fact using Internet Explorer is a massive security risk, it uses a non standard javascript implementation and various other reasons. If you want further proof Internet Explorer is bad, check this worrying graph ;-). The browsers that F.B. Purity work with are Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Why not try out a new web browser? You might just like it :) N.B if you are stuck with I.E due to workplace restrictions on installing software, you could try using a "portable" version of Firefox, Chrome or Opera, that runs from a USB memory stick.

Can I Hide the "Trending" Topics box from the right hand side of the newsfeed?

The latest version of FB Purity has a built in option for hiding the Trending Topics box, just tick the "Hide Trending Topics" option on the FBP options screen. Full instructions here.

What operating systems are compatible with F.B. Purity?

The operating system doesn't really matter, whatever operating systems run the following web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Maxthon will work fine with F.B. Purity. e.g Windows, Linux, Mac etc. Please note that F.B. Purity will not run on mobile / tablet browsers on Iphone or Android, or the IPad / Ipad2 / Ipad3 as they are not compatible.

Can I disable / delete / deactivate / turn off the new Facebook Timeline feature?

You cant remove Timeline from your account once its enabled, but you can however view Timeline pages in a less confusing single column timeline layout. To activate the single column layout, just click the "TL" button next to the search box at the top of the page. Please note that on personal Timeline pages, the main stories are now in a single column so the single column function is not needed, and doesn't work there. It does however still work on "Fan Pages" where they still have the stories in 2 columns.

*UPDATE* Facebook have now seen the light and they've re-designed Timeline pages so all the news stories are in a single column.

Can I disable autoplay videos from playing automatically in the Facebook newsfeed?

Yes, you can do this with the latest version of FB Purity, the option is under the "Video Stories" heading of the Newsfeed Filters section of the FBP options screen. Full instructions on Disabling Autoplay here

Will F.B. Purity be made available for the IPhone or Android or any other mobile devices?

Its a possibility for the future, but it will be an awful lot of work, and developing / maintaining and supporting the desktop version of FBP is already a crazy amount of work. But stay tuned, as I may have news on this in the future.

How do I access the F.B. Purity Options screen?

Once you have F.B. Purity installed, you can access the options screen by clicking the "FBP" or "F.B. Purity" links at the top of your facebook homepage (aka the newsfeed).

How can I hide the "News Ticker" bar? (the scrolling column of news in the right hand column)

Yes, just tick the option to hide "News Ticker" on the FBP settings screen and that will hide it. (Though facebook has a built in method for hiding it now, You can click the arrow at the top of the ticker to hide it)

How can I turn off / hide the Sponsored box and Sponsored Stories / Suggested Posts / More From / Related / Similar To Posts in the newsfeed (Adverts)?

Just tick the Hide Sponsored Box option on the F.B Purity options screen, this will also hide the Suggested Posts, and other Sponsored stories in the newsfeed. This setting also hides the ads on the timeline pages too.

How can i hide Facebook's Donate for Ebola Ad at the top of the newsfeed?

Facebook provides a little "X" at the top right of the ad, that if you click should hide the ad from showing up again.

How can I edit / customise the list of games and applications that F.B. Purity hides?

Theres a guide to editing the F.B. Purity application whitelist here : F.B. Purity Whitelist Guide. Or if you want to turn off application filtering entiredly, just tick the "hide application stories" option in the fbp settings screen.

How can I hide posts that feature specific words or phrases?

The Custom Text filter lets you hide posts that feature words or phrases that you specify. You can read how to use this feature here: Custom Text Filter Guide

In the Custom Text filter, is it possible to hide whole words only, eg hide any mentions of "hat" but not words containing the letters "hat" such as "what" or "that" etc?

Yes, in order to do this you need to use some special Regular Expression syntax. In this case, you need to use the word boundary signifier "\b", you need to put it at the start and end of the whole word that you want to filter out. So in the case of this example you would put "\bhat\b" (without the quotes) into the Custom Text Filter box, and it should then only filter out any occurrences of the word "hat".

How can I edit / customise the list of "extras" that F.B. Purity hides?

Instructions on customising the "Extra" stories that get hidden are here: F.B. Purity Extras guide

Is it possible to use wildcard search patterns In the Custom Text filter?

Yes, it is possible, you need to use "Regular Expressions" syntax. Examples: If you wanted to match anything that occurs between the words "this" and "program" you would use the following "regex" "this .* program". If you wanted to hide any numeric variation of "added 12 photos to an album" you would use the following regular expression "added \d* photos to an album". Google "Regular Expressions" to learn more about the syntax.

Can I hide or minimise the "Viewing Most Recent" box that shows up when you have selected to view the newsfeed sorted by most recent?

Yes, FBP has an option to force Facebook to always show you the most Recent feed, and this option also minimises the "Viewing Most Recent" box at the top of your newsfeed. If you have this option enabled but you still see the Top Stories page, try reloading your page, as that should fix it.

How can I turn off (hide) the Suggestions (aka Recommended Pages, Find Friends, Get Connected, Connect with Friends, Find More Friends, People to subscribe to) box?

Just tick the Hide "Sponsored box" option on the F.B Purity options screen.

Can I hide the newsfeed completely?

Yes! If you find the constant updates on the news feed a distraction and want the whole newsfeed gone, FBP has an option to do this, its under the "More Options" heading of the FBP options screen.

How can I hide the "People you may know" box on Facebook

Click for the guide to How to hide the People You may Know box on Facebook

Can I turn off the "Deleted Friend Alerts" that get shown when my friends delete me / unfriend from their friend lists?

Yes there is an option on the FBP options screen that lets you turn this function off.

Is it possible to "re-play" a Deleted Friends Alert, if I accidentally dismiss it before reading it properly?

Yes, if you click the "F" key shortly after the popup screen has gone away, the Deleted Friends Alert should popup again, so you can read it properly, alternatively, if you check the left column of your newsfeed, there will be a "deleted friends alert" link, highlighted with a pink background, clicking the link will also re-play the alert.

The deleted friend alerts are showing incorrect results, why is that?

It seems like this function may not work correctly for users with over a thousand friends or so. If you do repeatedly see incorrect results, its probably best to turn off this feature via the FBP options screen. Though it may just be caused by a Facebook glitch, or a user temporarily deactivating their account, then reactivating it. Deleted friend alerts can also be caused by a person converting their personal profile into a "Fan Page".

Can I use FB Purity to view Animated Gifs on Facebook?

Yes, FB Purity has an option called "Show Animated Gifs". If this option is checked, it will convert any links to GIF files posted on Facebook into Animated Gifs. Please note, it is not possible to upload Animated Gifs to Facebook, you can only post links to Animated Gifs that are hosted on other websites.

Does F.B. Purity have or will it in the future have a functionality to disable the Photo Lightbox viewer / Theatre view Popup windows?

No, its easy to disable the Photo Lightbox / Theatre view yourself without any add-on at all, simply "right click" on any photo in the newsfeed, and then select "Open Link in New Window" or "Open link in new tab". Another way to get rid of it is: If you have a three button mouse or a mouse with a scroll wheel, click the photo with the middle button / scroll wheel, that should open the photo without the lightbox in a new tab, though this may depend on your browser's settings.

How can I hide the list suggestions box on friends list pages?

You can do this with a little CSS code snippet that you can find on the FBP CSS Page

How can I hide the Facebook Chat box?

You can hide Facebook Chat box / interface using FBP (N.B. It doesn't log you out of chat or disable the chat, it just hides the interface) Simply tick the hide "Chat box" option on the FBP settings screen to hide it.

Why is FB Purity hiding all my friends in Chat?

If you have FBP's "hide offline friends" option selected, when you first open the chat window, it will appear blank, this is because it takes a while for facebook to show whether or not your friends are online. After Facebook lists the online friends, which may take a few seconds after opening the chat box, FBP can filter out the offline ones correctly.

How can I revert the bubble chat back to the simple old style chat interface?

The latest version of FB Purity has an option to convert the new Bubble Chat back to the old style chat, just open the FBP options screen then tick the "hide Bubble Chat" option.

Can I hide the Offline or Mobile friends in Chat?

Yes you can hide both, FB Purity has 2 such options. 1 to hide offline friends, and the other hides offline and mobile friends in chat.

What happened to FB Purity's Hide Offline friends in chat option?

Facebook broke the functionality of it, so I had to remove it. But, I've now managed to fix it in the latest version of FBP. Re-install for the fixed version. Please note the new "Hide offline + Mobile friends" option only works if the Facebook language is set to English.

Facebook has started forcing us to use the small chat window at the bottom of the screen when sending messages, can I go back to the old method for sending messages?

FB Purity now has a new option called "Full Screen Chat" which when enabled, will automatically opens all chat messages in the full Screen messaging system (aka the Inbox).

Can I stop group posts from showing up in my newsfeed?

Yes, just tick the Hide "wrote on wall" option. This hides posts to groups, posts to events, and user to user timeline posts from the newsfeed.

How can I hide YouTube videos from my news feeds?

The latest version of FB Purity, has a built in filter for hiding YouTube videos. Its under the "Newsfeed Filters" / "Video Stories" section of the FBP options screen.

Why are YouTube videos or twitter posts or some other type of posts being hidden from my timeline / newsfeed?

If you have the hide "Apps & Games" option ticked (under the "Timeline Options" heading), it will hide any posts created by Facebook apps, so if your post was "via Twitter" or "via Youtube" or via some other app that signifies it was posted by a Facebook app, and that will cause it to be hidden on the Timeline (aka your profile page). FBP does not however hide your own app posts in the Newsfeed (this is a separate page to the Timeline though some people get them mixed up), no matter what setting you have chosen. Facebook has an algorithm to determine whether something you post yourself shows up in the Newsfeed or not, you can test this by disabling FBP and seeing if your post is showing in the newsfeed or not. If its not there when FBP is disabled, then its clearly not FBP hiding it.

How can I Hide the "Trending Articles" / "Trending Videos" box, and also the "Read an article type stories?

Just tick the hide "Read an article / Trending Articles" option on the FBP options screen. BTW this filter will also hide the "Most Shared On" and "Recent Articles About" story types too.

How can I hide the "Similar to" / "Related Articles" and "More from" boxes that pop up after I like a post from a "Fan Page" in the newsfeed

In the latest version of FB Purity, if you have the Hide Sponsored Box option ticked, along with the ads, FBP will also hide those popup boxes. BTW if this functionality is not working for you, please re-install as I fixed a bug with it.

Can I hide the "Pages Feed", "Games Feed", "Likes Pages" or the "App Center", or any of the other Links in the left hand column?

Yes you can, the latest version of FBP has built in options for hiding most of these links. Look for the "Hide Links in Left Column" section of the FBP options screen.

Can I hide the Recommended Games box in the right hand column?

Yes, ticking the "Hide Game / App Requests" option under the Hide Links in Right Hand Column heading, should also hide the Recommended Games box

Can facebook uninstall FB Purity?

No they can't, its simply not possible. If you are using Firefox and you think FB Purity has been uninstalled, read this: Sometimes if you click a facebook link when in facebook and it opens in a new tab, FBP will not load in that tab, however if you notice FBP has not loaded, if you just refresh/reload the page, FBP will load ok again. This issue is caused by the GM script compiler I'musing that generates the Firefox extension, I have reported the bug to the author of the compiler and am waiting for him to fix it. a workaround is, if you want to open a facebook link in a new tab, to right click the link then select open in new tab, or else middle click the link if your mouse has 3 buttons. Another option is to use the Greasemonkey version of FB Purity instead of the extension version, as it should not have this bug. You can get that version from the Firefox section of the Install page of the FB Purity website. If you are not using Firefox, its possible that there is an error in FB Purity that is stopping it from loading. Please follow the troubleshooting guide below for information on how to report a bug.

FBP doesn't have an option to hide the "Pages and Public Figures" link in the left column, why is this?

This is because the link is different for each person, in order to hide it you need to use some Custom CSS, click for a short tutorial on how to use Custom CSS to hide elements on the page

Can I add Custom CSS rules to Facebook using F.B. Purity?

Yes, you can add Custom CSS rules, so you can style Facebook the way you like it, more info and lots of CSS examples here: Custom CSS

Can I filter out hashtags (hyperlinked words beginning with the "#" character) using the Custom Text Filter?

Sorry its not currently possible to filter out hashtags, due to a strange text encoding issue, which I'mlooking into. If you remove the hash from the filter, eg say you want to filter out the hashtag "#facebooksucks" you should currently just put the text "facebooksucks" without the hash in front of it and without the quotes, and it should filter ok.

Is it possible to turn off FBP's application / games filtering?

Yes, you can stop FBP from filtering game and application posts, to do this, untick the hide "Game + App Stories" checkbox on the F.B. Purity options screen.

Can I filter out "Spoilers" using FB Purity?

Yes, you can. One place spoilers may show up is in the "Trending" box, which shows up to the right of the Newsfeed. You can turn the Trending Box off by ticking the Hide Trending Box option. Another place spoilers may show up is in the Newsfeed itself, posted either by "Fan Pages" or your friends. You can filter out Spoilers in the newsfeed by adding the name of the Sporting Event or TV Show etc, that you don't want to know the latest happenings about until you actually watch it yourself, to the Custom Text Filter box. For example, say you didnt want to hear what happened in the latest episode of "Game of Thrones" you could put the text Game of Thrones into the Custom Text Filter box, and FB Purity will filter out any posts in the newsfeed that contain the text "Game of Thrones".

Why are my Games Feed and Apps and Games-Friend Activity feeds blank after installing F.B. Purity?

Its because by default F.B. Purity filters out all game and application posts. If you want to see those posts, you can turn off the application/game filtering, to do this, untick the hide "Game & App Stories" checkbox on the F.B. Purity options screen.

The "People you may know" box is not being hidden even though I have the FBP option to hide it ticked, what can I do?

Make sure you also tick the hide "Sponsored Box" option as well, as that should hide some of the "People you may know" boxes as well. However I have been receiving reports that even this may not stop the box. Facebook are currently trying to make it very difficult to block their annoyances. Stay tuned for more info.

Can I hide "Today's Birthdays" from showing up in my newsfeed?

Yes you can, simply put the text "Today's Birthdays" (without the surrounding double quotes) into FBP's Custom Text Filter box.

My whole feed is getting filtered out by the Extras filter, whats causing that?

If you have put a space on its own after a comma in the Custom Text filter, FBP will filter out any stories with a space in them, remove the comma and the space from the filter, and it should go back to normal.

Can I hide the application links, such as "Music, Pokes, Questions, Games Feed, Pages Feed etc" under the "Apps and Games" heading in the left hand column of the homepage?

Yes, see the "Hide links in left hand columnn" section of the FB Purity Options screen, where you can choose to hide those links.

Is there an option to set "Most Recent" as the default news feed, in order to get your stories in chronological order, and hide the "top news" stories?

Yes F.B. Purity does have an option to let you force Facebook to sort your newsfeed by "Most Recent", which is necessary because Facebook seems to keep forgetting the users preference. The option is titled "Sort Feed : Most Recent" and its under the "Further Options" heading.

*Update* Even though with this option enabled FBP sends you to Facebook's Most Recent feed, Facebook are still showing the stories out of order, you should be able to fix this by ticking the "Hide commented on this" and "Hide liked this" options under the "Various Story Types" header on the FBP options screen.

Can I turn off the notification sounds when people make a new post?

Facebook has a built in option for turning off the notification sounds, you can access it here.

How can I turn off / hide / filter Facebook Questions posts from my news feed?

You can hide Facebook Questions stories from showing up in your newsfeeds by ticking the "Hide Facebook Questions" option on the F.B. Purity options screen. (Please note if you don't have your Facebook interface set to English, it wont work, and you will either have to set the interface to English or else put your own Custom Text into the Custom Text Filter to filter these and other "extras" out.)

Why is the left column / left panel of the newsfeed stuck/frozen?

FBP has an option for making the left hand nav bar stick where it is, so you can scroll the newsfeed but the left hand nav bar will stay where it is. This may cause a problem for people with smaller screens as some of the nav links will be off screen and you wont be able to see them, the way to remedy this is either to hide the links in the left column that you don't want to see, using the "Hide links in left column" options, to make the left hand column shorter, or else simply un-tick the "Freeze left column" option on the FBP options screen.

Why isn't the hide sponsored box option hiding the ads?

Check that you have the latest version of FBP installed, as Facebook often update the code for the ads section, which means F.B. Purity needs to be updated to hide the ads again, also check the FBP fan page for any news as the CSS of the page may have changed. If neither of those works, and the ads say "Ads not by facebook" or something similar, its possible that you have installed a sneaky program known as "Adware" or "Malware" that inserts adverts into web pages that you view. To get rid of the ads, you should run an Anti Malware scanner, such as Super AntiSpyware, or MalwareBytes Antimalware.

Why doesn't the hide Chat box feature work?

It does work, but you first need to click the button at the bottom right corner of your browser screen that looks like an arrow pointing out through a door. That is the built in facebook method for hiding the chat sidebar. The FBP hide chat box function hides the box that remains after that process.

Can I disable or remove the poke feature of facebook

You cant disable it or remove the poke feature or block people from poking you on facebook. You can delete invdividual pokes by clicking the "x" next to them, but if you do that it means that person can then poke you again. The best thing to do is to ignore the pokes, as if you don't poke back or delete the poke, that person cannot poke you again. The problem with this is Facebook do not give you a way to hide the poke box on the right hand side of the screen. Luckily F.B. purity has an option to do this, look under the "Hide links in right hand column" section of the FBP options screen, for the hide Pokes option

Can I use FB Purity to remove / hide "Stickers" and "Emoticons" in chat / messaging?

Yes, FB Purity has an option to hide all emoticons and stickers on Facebook.

How can I get rid of the Scoreboard in the right hand column?

The NCAA scoreboard should have an "X" on it, clicking it should hide or minimise the scoreboard.

Why do some elements of the page (such as graphs on "Page Insights") become hidden when I set the background colour in the fbp options?

If you set the background colour to be slightly transparent, using the following CSS colour function "rgba(225,0,0,0.5)" (without the quotes) in place of a colour name, in the background colour box, the elements should no longer be hidden. the way the colour function works is the first 3 numbers are the red, green and blue components, and the last number is the transparency value, which has a range from zero to one, 0 being completely transparent and 1 being completely solid.

How can I set a background image for Facebook?

The easiest way to do this, is to go to any image on Facebook (or upload the image you want to use to Facebook) then look for the "Set Image as Background" link (it will either be under the photo or to the right of it, depending on which image viewing mode you are in) which is new in FB Purity v11.0.0 and click it. To remove a background image, just open the FBP options screen and un-tick the "Set" box next to the background image option, then click "Save & Close".

If I set a background image with FB Purity, or change the colours or fonts can other people view it too?

No, FBP only affects what you see in your web browser.

What should I do if I accidentally set the background colour and the font colour to the same color, and can no longer see any text?

Locate where the FBP link, for opening the options screen, would normally be in the top nav bar next to right of the home link, and click it, when your mouse is over the link, it should display the version number of the currently installed version of FBP. On the FBP Options screen, simply un-tick the two checkboxes next to where the colour options for font and background are, and then click the "Save and close" button. Failing that, "right click" anywhere on the page and select "Inspect Element" then click the "Console" tab, then enter the following command into the Console: document.getElementById('fbpfreestyler').textContent='' That will temporarily reset FBPs style and Custom CSS data, allowing you to see the page again.

If I make a mistake with the Custom CSS or FBP's colour and or background image options and can no longer see the page clearly to open the FBP options so i can reset my changes, what should I do?

Right click anywhere on the page and select "Inspect Element" then click the "Console" tab and enter the following line of code document.getElementById('fbpfreestyler').textContent='' that will temporarily reset FBP's style and Custom CSS data, allowing you to see the page again and open the FBP options screen again, so you can change your settings back.

Why are "Friend x Recommends y" posts being hidden, there are no options for hiding/unhiding recommends posts

Basically "recommends" is equivalent to "likes" on Facebook, so the FBP options that relate to "likes" apply to "recommends" too.

Can I hide Facebook Offers and Sponsored Stories from my news feed?

Yes you can, by default F.B. Purity hides all "Offers" stories such as "Claimed an Offer" or "Posted an Offer" and Sponsored stories from your newsfeed, this because they are basically ads, if you don't want them hidden, untick the "hide sponsored box" option.

Can I hide "Games your friends are playing" / "Games You May Like" stories from showing up in my Facebook newsfeed?

Yes the latest version of FB Purity will hide those story types from showing in your newsfeed, if you have the hide "Apps & Games" option ticked. (If this is not working for you try putting the text "Games your friends are playing" into FBP's Custom Text filter (without the quotes).

Can I hide "Upcoming Events" from showing up in my Facebook newsfeed?

Yes the latest version of FB Purity has an option for hiding Upcoming Events, its under the Events heading in the Newsfeed filters section.

How Can I hide "Suggested Events" from showing up in my events list page?

You can hide "Suggested Events" from your events list page, using facebooks built in controls, by clicking the "cog wheel" next to where it says "Today" at the top right of the events list page, then select "Settings" then tick the "hide suggested events" option

Is it possible to block posts from a Facebook Page / Facebook Group / Facebook Event from showing up in my newsfeed?

Yes, you can use the Custom Text Filter to achieve this. Just put the name of the Page / Group or Event into FBP's Custom Text Filter, and FBP will filter out any posts from that entity

Can I hide the new "Like Suggestions" Bar that shows up after I click the like button on a Facebook Page?

Yes the latest version of FB Purity will hide the "Like Suggestions" Bar, if you have the "hide sponsored box" option ticked.

Can I hide the "Page Suggestions" Bar that shows up at the top of the Pages Feed?

Yes, see the Custom CSS page for instructions on how to do that.

I haven't chosen to hide the ticker, but its not showing, whats going on?

Facebook has a built in option for hiding the Ticker aka sidebar, so check you haven't done that first. Another possibility is if you have the page zoomed in too much using the browser zoom function, or you have set your font size too large in FBP, it might push the ticker off the screen, as it only shows up when there is enough space for it. Solution is to unzoom your browser window, and/or reduce the font size.

Does F.B. Purity's feed filtering functionality work on Groups pages?

No, F.B. Purity does not currently work on Group's pages, maybe one day it will, but it will be a lot of work to add it, so currently no, it doesn't. You can however use Custom CSS that will affect Group pages, if you understand how to use CSS that is.

Is FB Purity compatible with Seamonkey?

Yes, the current Firefox add-on version of F.B. Purity is compatible with Seamonkey.

Can I change the colour of the F.B. purity Info Bar?

Yes, you can, using the Custom CSS box. Copy and paste the following into the Custom CSS box: #fbpurityinfobar {background-color:lightyellow !important} you can change the colour to any valid HTML/CSS colour code you like.

What has happened to the "Find Friends" link in the top nav bar?

The latest version of FBP hides this link. You can still get to the "Find Friends" page, by just clicking the "Friend Requests" notifications icon in the top nav bar, then clicking the "Find Friends" link there.

Can I install FB Purity on the Maxthon browser?

Yes, you can. The Maxthon version of the FB Purity browser extension, is now available you can access it via the main FB Purity Install Page

How can I Export and Import my FBP settings data?

If you click the "Export Settings" link at the bottom of the FBP Options screen, a text box will appear with your FBP settings data inside. To export the data, simply select and copy the text in the box and save it to a text file or document. When you want to Import your settings, click the "Import Settings" link at the bottom of the FBP Options screen and a dialog box will pop up, just paste the FBP settings data you have previously saved into the box and click OK, thats it. This feature is cross browser compatible, so you can copy settings from one browser to another.

How can I help spread the word about F.B. Purity?

You can suggest F.B. Purity to your all your Facebook friends by posting about this page to your stream via the Share button:
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How can I unblock an application once its been blocked via the "BA" (Block Application) button?

If you used the "block app" button, it means the application has been placed on your blocked applications list, which you can view and edit by going to your privacy settings page here:
http://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=privacy then clicking the "Edit your lists" link under the "Block Lists" heading at the bottom of the page. If you used Facebook's Hide button to "hide" the application you need to go to the "Top News" page, then click the "Edit Options" link at the bottom of the page, your list of applications that you have "hidden" will be displayed there, and you can unhide them from there.

Where can I make suggestions about F.B. Purity?

You can make general suggestions for the F.B. Purity and also suggestions for additions to the default application whitelist that is built into the script here: F.B. Purity Contact Form. Please note I may not have time to answer all emails, but I will definitely read them, suggestions from donors will get higher priority attention.



Known issues (*UPDATE* FBP v12.8.0 has been released, update to the latest version by re-installing via the FB Purity Install page on the FB Purity website as that will most probably fix your issue if you are having any problems) BTW by "liking" the F.B. Purity fan page and subcribing to notifications from that page, you will be kept up to date of the latest issues, fixes, changes and updates.

If you are having trouble installing the Chrome Extension, "Right Click" on the green Install button, then click "Save link as" and save the extension to your computer, then drag the downloaded extension from your computer to the extensions page, and it should install ok.

If you are having problems installing the Safari Extension, first clear Safari's web cache, close Safari down completely, wait a minute, then re-open Safari *then* try re-installing via http://install.fbpurity.com

If you have tried installing the latest FBP extension, but the FBP link doesn't show up in the top navbar, try closing your browser completely, then re-opening it, that should fix the issue.

If you are using Firefox, and find that occasionally the FBP link won't show up and FBP's functionality has stopped working, please clear your browser cache, then re-install, that should fix your issue

If you are using Firefox and clicking the FBP link doesn't open the FBP options screen. Try the following: "Download an addon called eCleaner 1.4. After it is installed, remove FB Purity, then click on the options in the eCleaner. You'll see a list of addons you have or had installed. High light FBPurity and then click the " clear selected ", close the addons and re-install FB Purity".

If when you visit your newsfeed you are being redirected to the "Find Friends" page, clear your browser cache, *then* re-install, this was a bug that only affected a handful of users, but its fixed now.

If you click the FBP link and nothing happens, it probably means you have 2 versions of FBP installed at the same time. Check your browser extensions for 2 copies of FBP. If you have greasemonkey installed, you may have an extension version of FBP and script version of FBP installed at the same time, remove one or the other to get it working again. If that doesn't fix it open the Browsers Error console, and check for any errors.

If the "Restore Comment Button" option has stopped working for you, this is due to a Facebook code change. With Facebook's new comment code, they have made it very difficult to fix this option. Until I can fix it, you can write your comments in a text editor first then copy and paste them into the comment box, or else just use the "Shift-Enter" to add new-lines to your comments. Another option if you have a programmable multi button mouse, you could program one of the keys to simulate pressing "Shift + Enter"

If you cannot click the friend icons in the new thin chat sidebar, either turn off the "Full Screen Chat" option, or else you need to follow these steps to get the old style chat sidebar back.

If you have the "Show Logout Button" option ticked but the button isnt showing, clear your browser cache then re-install as this issue has now been fixed.

If you have set a background image via the "Set as Background image" links under facebook photos, and the image doesnt show up as the background, this seems to be due to a code change at Facebook. Try uploading the image to a differnet hosting site such as imgur.com then get the direct link for the image file and enter it in the Background Image URL box on the FBP options screen, it should work ok then.

If you don't see any stories in your newsfeed, just the "More Stories" link, thats because FB Purity is filtering out the stories you don't want to see. You can adjust which stories FBP filters out via the FBP options screen. It helps if you read the FBP User Guide.

If you you have noticed the disable autoplay option has stopped working, this is because FBP has changed the way it disables autoplay. You now need to click the "Click to Disable Autoplay" link on the FBP options screen, as that takes you to Facebook's new video settings page, where FBP will attempt to automatically turn off the autoplay option, but if it doesn't manage it, its easy for you to turn it off yourself.

If the birthdays box and or people you may know boxes are showing even though you have ticked the FBP hide options for them, this seems to be due to a recent Facebook code change, clear your browser cache then re-install FBP for the fixed version that should hide them again.

If the birthdays box is not showing please note that if you have the "Expand News Column" option enabled, that option hides the right hand column, which includes birthday reminders, and pokes etc.

If you click a comment notification and it goes to the comment then scrolls back to the top of the screen, this is a side effect of having the "Expand News Column" option turned on, if you turn it off, the comment notification behaviour will return to normal.

If you can't select a friend in the "View as" screen, or a group in the Share to Group, or a friend in the Share to Friends Timeline popup, clear your browser cache and re-install this bug has been fixed now. This is due to the Hide Auto Tag Suggestions option, the fix for these issues will only work if you have your Facebook interface language set to English. If you don't want Facebook set to English, turn off the hide Auto Tag Suggestions option to fix the issue.

If you are using Firefox and the screen is flashing with content disappearing then reappearing, this is sometimes caused if you have the Web Fonts option turned on, turn that option off, and Facebook should return to normal.

If you click the "show" link to see the app stories when theres an indicator that there are some, but nothing is showing, try scrolling the page down a bit, that should show the stories.

If the news ticker is hidden but you haven't selected the option to hide it in FBP, its probably not showing because your screen is not big enough, it will only show when theres enough space on screen for it. You can test this out by making the font really small via your browser's zoom settings, the ticker should show up again as theres more space.

If the guest lists on event pages are not showing, or trending, or admin section of group pages, trending box, or anything in the right hand column is not showing that should be showing, thats due to the "expand news column" option being enabled. Either reload the page to see the missing section or else Press the "E" key which is the shortcut for toggling the expand news column option.

If the hide left column links are no longer working, thats because facebook have changed their code, this is fixed in the latest version of FBP

If the "Full Screen Chat" option is no longer working, (when you click a name in the chat list, nothing happens). Re-install as this option is fixed in the latest version of FB Purity.

If you have set a background image and are wondering how to turn it off or change the background image settings, you can do so via the FBP options screen, under the "Fonts, Colours and Design" section

If the background image you had set that was working previously and has now stopped working, try uploading the image to facebook, then click the image, then click the "set as background image" link, that should fix the issue.

The red and white "News : *number*" notifications that appear at the top of the facebook window beneath the FBP button shows up when there are new posts on the FBP fan page. Clicking the notification link, will hide the notification and take you to the FBP fan page, where you can read the latest posts from the page. If the notifications come back again for stories you have already seen, its most likely caused by either 1) you logging in via a different computer 2) logging in again with a different fb account. The reason for those occurences is that FBP saves its settings separately per device, and also per FB user account. If this does happen, you can always click the "X" next to the notification to dismiss it, and if you don't want these notifications at all, simply un-tick the "FBP News Notifications" option on the FBP options screen.

If the "Wrote on wall" filter has stopped working for you, this is because Facebook seem to change the HTML code for this approximately once per week, which means i need to update FBP each time I notice it. Try clearing your browser cache, then re-installing FBP, as that will likely fix the issue.

If you are using Firefox and have enabled the "Show full date and time on posts" option, and are seeing the date and time displayed one word per line, clear browser cache and re-install via http://install.fbpurity.com for the fixed version

If you are using Firefox v22 or above and are getting the following error message popping up "Error: Illegal operation on wrappedNative prototype object" or the FBP extension is disabled and can't be re-enabled: Clear your browser cache and then re-install via the install page on this site, for the fixed version. If that doesn't work, make sure you don't have any extensions that have changed your browser's "UserAgent" string, as the install page delivers a different version of the extension depending on whether you are using Firefox 19 or below, or Firefox 20 and above, and needs to check the browser's useragent string to determine what version of the extension to deliver.

If you are using the Iron browser (chrome clone) it seems theres a bug in the inline extension system, so the install button on the FB Purity website wont work for you, you can however install FB Purity via the Chrome Webstore.

If you are having problems with your FBP settings not saving properly, or your settings seem to have been wiped out. If you are using an old version of FBP, clear your browser cache, then reinstall FBP via the FBP install page on this site. Its also possible you have a problem with other extensions interfering with FBP (you need to follow the full troubleshooting guide in this case, which involves turning off all other extensions). Another possible cause for this is cookie cleaning type software such as CCleaner, which can potentially wipe out FBP's settings.

I cant support beta or dev versions of browsers, so please use the latest stable version of your particular browser if FBP is not working in your beta version browser.

If you are finding Facebook really slow after turning on the "Show Animated Gifs" option, thats because Animated Gifs take up a lot of Ram and CPU processing power, if your PC cant handle that, its best to switch off that option.

If you are not using an up to date stable version of Chrome, FBP may not work for you, you will need to update to the latest (stable) version of Google Chrome. (This issue may also affects browsers that are based on Chrome, such as RockMelt, and Cool Novo / Chrome Plus, as they are usually not using the latest Chrome codebase)

If you are repeatedly seeing the "Welcome new user screen", and your settings keep getting reset. Make sure you have the latest available stable version of your browser installed and also the latest version of FBP, as that should fix the problem. Also make sure you do not have any other extensions or programs (Such as cookie cleaners) that are interfering with FBP extension's storage area. Another reason why you may see this New User Welcome screen, is if you have just installed the extension, then refreshed the facebook page too soon after installing, if you refresh the page again, you should find your old settings are still there.

If FBP's built in filters (application and extras / custom text filtering etc) aren't working, and you are not using Facebook with the English interface, you will either need to switch to the English interface or else you need to add your own Custom Text filters in your own language to hide the story types you don't want to see, as FBP can only filter out English stories at present, due to Facebook's latest code change.

If you are using Safari or Chrome and you are having problems submitting comments when the comment includes a tagged persons name, this is a bug in fbp, to workaround this issue for now, either remove the tagged names from the comment then submit, or else turn off the comment button option in the FBP options screen.

If you are using Safari or Chrome and when you start typing a comment, the comment box starts growing too big, this is a bug in fbp that occurs when you have the font size option set. I havent figured out how to fix this yet, the current solution is to use Firefox instead of Chrome or Safari, as this bug does not affect the firefox version of FBP.

If you are using Opera 12, and cannot install the extension via fbpurity.com, you need to open "Preferences" then select the "Advanced" tab, then select "Security" then click the "Trusted Websites" button, and add http://www.fbpurity.com to the list of trusted websites.

If you are using Firefox and you get the "extension file is corrupt" or "cannot modify file", error message when you try and install it, Uninstall the previous version of FBP, then close your browser, wait a minute, then re-open it, clear the browser cache, then reinstall FBP, and it should install ok.

If you are having an issue that is not covered above, please keep reading below for more troubleshooting tips

My FBP settings are being reset every time I close the browser, what is causing this, and how can I fix it?

You are probably using an older out dated version of the fbp extension, re-install FB Purity via http://www.fbpurity.com for the fixed, updated version.

Why is F.B. Purity hiding status updates from one of my Facebook Pages or Friends?

FBP does not hide status updates from Pages or Friends. The Page or friend in question is probably posting their status updates via an application. Look at the bottom of one of the status updates that are being hidden and see if there is a "via (some application)" link. You will need to add that application to the F.B. Purity whitelist in order to stop FBP hiding those updates.

Is it possible to "whitelist" friends whose posts I don't want filtered out by FBP's newsfeed filters?

Yes, the latest version of FBP does have a Friends Whitelist funtion, you can read more about it here. The ability to whitelist "Pages" will be added in a future version of FBP.

If F.B. Purity is not working properly or has stopped working, what should I do?

  1. Check that you have the latest version of F.B. Purity installed. Visit the F.B. Purity Website Homepage and check the version number of the latest release. If it is more recent than the version you have installed, update it. (You can check the version number of your installed version by hovering over the "F.B. Purity" link on your fb homepage or clicking that link to open the Options screen, as the version number is in the title of that screen.) If you have installed FBP via a site other than FBpurity.com try re-installing directly from fbpurity.com as the version on this site will always be the most up to date version (even if the version numbers are the same, sometimes last minute fixes get put in without updating the version number)
  2. If you are using the GM Script version of FBP, check that greasemonkey is enabled (in firefox, you can look for the brown monkey icon in the bottom right of your screen, if its grey it means greasemonkey is disabled, click it once to re-enable it) Another way to check is to see if other scripts you have installed are working. Please note that FBP is not currently compatible with the Scriptish extension, please use the official Greasemonkey extensions instead.
  3. Check that the problem is not caused by other scripts or extensions running on the same page and clashing with F.B. Purity. You can do this by temporarily disabling the other scripts/extensions (in firefox you can do this via the Tools/Greasemonkey/Manage Userscripts menu for GM Scripts and the "Tools/Addons/Extensions" menu for firefox extensions, in Chrome, Safari and Opera you can do this in the Extensions menu) and see if that fixes the problem
  4. If you are repeatedly seeing the new user welcome message popup, that says "Hi! It looks like this is your first time running F.B. Purity", that means you either have a very old version of FB Purity installed, and you should install the latest version from the FB Purity install page on this site, it could also mean you are using an old version of your web browser, so you should update to the latest version of your web browser too.
  5. If the welcome screen keeps popping up and wont go away, it means your browser or another program is stopping FBP from saving its settings, if you are using chrome, safari or opera, you need to enable cookies so FBP can save its settings. If it pops up even though you have used FBP before, it probably means your browser settings have been wiped somehow. Certain "cookie" cleaning software (such as CCleaner) or browser extensions may also interfere with the browser and extension's settings, so try turning that software off.
  6. Another way to check its not other addons or scripts "clashing" with F.B. Purity or a corrupt browser profile causing the problem, is to create a fresh browser profile (create a fresh profile in Firefox / Create a fresh profile in Chrome), then install F.B. Purity, and see if it works ok there, if it does, you know it must be an addon/script "collision" or corrupt browser profile issue.
  7. Make sure you are not using an unsupported browser, if the browser is too old or too new (beta or alpha etc) FBP may not work, to be safe and sure FBP will work for you, try it in the latest stable version of either Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera
  8. If you are having a problem where the red error is coming up saying "you have 2 versions of FBP running at the same time" If you are using firefox, first check the "Tools/Addons" menu to see if F.B. Purity is listed there, also check if the Greasemonkey addon is installed and if it is, click its options button and now check if you have the GM script version of F.B Purity installed, if you have both GM Script version and add-on version of FBP, you need to disable or uninstall one or the other. If you have checked and there definitely arent 2 versions, check if you are running AVG antivirus on your system, as this could be causing the problem, try disabling AVG temporarily and see if that fixes it. If it is AVG, I suggest uninstalling AVG and installing Avast antivirus instead. *UPDATE 9/12/10* Ive heard that its specifically the AVG Link Scanner / Safe Search Firefox plugin that is causing the problems, disabling that addon should also fix the problem.
  9. If you have a 64 bit operating system and you are using Firefox and find your browser is locking up when you have the FBP extension installed you could try installing the Greasemonkey version of FBP, or else try using FBP in either Chrome or Opera instead. I don't have a 64 bit system to test on, so I cant investigate whats causing this issue right now.
  10. If FBP has stopped filtering all application stories, check that you havent accidentally ticked the "Hide" "Application Stories" option in the FBP options screen.
  11. Check if the layout of the Facebook.com site has changed, if the site looks different or has new features, it probably means Facebook have changed the underlying code of the site, which means F.B. Purity will need to be updated to work with the new code. Check the F.B. Purity News Page, or the F.B. Purity Fan Page or the F.B. Purity Twitter account or my own Twitter account for news of a new version of the script
  12. Try re-installing F.B. Purity, perhaps the installation has somehow become corrupted.
  13. If the "Show" apps/extras links are not working, i.e nothing happens when you click them, its probably the same issue as below (2 versions of FBP running at the same time, you need to disable or uninstall one of them)
  14. If you are using Opera or Greasekit or another GM compatible system that requires you to save userscripts to a specific directory, check the userscript directory to make sure you don't have two or more copies of fbpurity in the directory, as multiple copies will interfere with each other and cause the script to stop working properly
  15. If you are using Opera and you have enabled HTTPS security on your Facebook account, FBP will not work unless you, allow the extension to access secure pages. To do this you need to go to the Extensions screen and click the Settings button, to the right of the "Uninstall" button, then select "Privacy" and then tick "allow interaction with secure pages". FBP should work fine after that.
  16. If you are using Chrome, check you are not browsing in Incognito mode, as by default the extension wont work in that mode, if you want it to, you need to enable it on the extensions page.
  17. If the "became friends with" or "Facebook Questions" messages or any other "extras" are not getting filtered out despite you ticking that option in the settings, try setting your Facebook user interface to "English" as that will probably fix the problem. Another possibility is that you have added the person whose posts aren't getting hidden to the user Whitelist.
  18. If you are getting the following error message "Error: JSON.parse" it means your settings have become corrupted somehow. In order to fix it, if you are using the GM version of FBP, is to uninstall the script and also make sure you choose the delete settings option, then reinstall it. If you are using the Firefox extension version you will need to delete the FBP settings from Firefox's "about:config" page. If you are using Chrome, Safari or Opera, in order to reset your FBP settings, find the localstorage variable named fbpoptsjson (under the domain www.facebook.com) in the browsers settings and reset it (make it blank) or delete it completely. *UPDATE* There is a new way to reset your FBP settings, that works for all browser versions: Click the Import settings link at the bottom of the FBP options screen, then enter the word "Reset" (without the quotes) into the text box and then click the "OK" button, and your settings should be reset.
  19. If you are getting the following error message "F.B Purity: regex error building custom text filter", it means you may have mistakenly pasted in CSS code into the Custom Text Filter box instead of the Custom CSS box. If possible you need to remove the CSS code from the Custom Text Filter box and put it into the Custom CSS box. If you cannot access the FBP options screen, you will need to reset your FBP settings. In order to do this, if you are using the GM version of FBP, is to uninstall the script and also make sure you choose the delete settings option, then reinstall it. If you are using the Firefox extension version you will need to delete the FBP settings from Firefox's "about:config" page (once at the "about:config" page, type "fbpoptsjson" without the quotes into the "filter" box at the top of the screen, and it should display the relevant line, then right click and select "reset". be careful to only edit the relevant line). If you are using Chrome, Safari or Opera, in order to reset your FBP settings, find the localstorage variable named fbpoptsjson (under the domain www.facebook.com) in the browsers settings and reset it (make it blank) or delete it completely.
  20. Font size and CSS effects set within FBP will not work on Facebook application pages (on the apps.facebook.com domain) if you are using Chrome, Opera or Safari, due to Localstorage restrictions. This should work ok in Firefox though as FBP for firefox doesn't use Localstorage to store its settings.
  21. If parts of the page that you could normally see, but seem to have disappeared when you are using FBP, though you have not selected to hide them, and you are also using FBP's font and background colour changing function, try turning off the colour changing function, as that should fix the problem.
  22. If you are getting the error 'Error: document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0] is undefined' when you start up Firefox, its most probably caused by the McAfee Firefox extension clashing with FBP. Solution: Either disable the MacAfee add-on, or Install a different AV software entirely.
  23. If you are using Google Chrome and are getting the error messages "could not create download directory" when trying to install FBP, you need to go into Chrome settings and specify a download location.
  24. If you are using Safari and get the error message 'Safari can't install this extension An error occurred while installing the extension "F.B. Purity - Cleans Up Facebook"', clear your browser cache *then* reload the installation page, and click the install button again.
  25. If none of the above work, you can file a bug report with as much info about the bug as possible

    N.B Important information you should include in your report: What Operating System you are using, What Browser and what browser version number. Extension/Script version number. A clear and concise description of the bug is essential, just saying "it doesn't work" isn't very helpful. What steps did you take that lead up to the appearance of the bug, what exactly do you see on the screen, a screenshot can also be helpful. If using Firefox open the "Tools/Error Console" menu, click the round red button with the white cross inside it, marked "Errors" and copy and paste any errors you see into your report. If you are using Google Chrome, Safari or Opera open the Developers Menu, then select the Javascript Console, and copy and paste any errors from there. -- You can Submit bug reports via the Contact Form.

F.B. Purity Contact Form

How can I find out what version of the script I am using?

The F.B. Purity version number is displayed in the title at the top of the FBP's options screen. Also, if you hover your mouse over the "F.B. Purity" link in the F.B. Purity bar near the top of your facebook homepage, the version number will be displayed.

Is it possible to reset the FBP settings back to the original default settings?

Yes it is possible. Click the "Import Settings" link on the FBP options screen, then enter the text "Reset" (without the quotes) and FBP will wipe out your existing settings and return them to the installation defaults

How can I check if there is an update available for F.B. Purity

You can click the "check for latest version" link at the top of the FBP options screen, or you can check the F.B. Purity news page, or the FBP fan page

How can I temporarily disable F.B. Purity?

Firefox: If you have the Firefox addon installed you can disable it via the "Tools/Addons" menu. If you want to temporarily switch off the FBP GM Script you can disable Greasemonkey altogether by clicking the little brown monkey icon in the bottom right of the browser window, it will then turn grey, meaning its been disabled. Clicking it again will re-enable Greasemonkey. You can also disable specific scripts, if you "right click" on the monkey icon, a list of the scripts operating on the current page will be displayed, with tick boxes next to them, you can disable individual scripts by unticking them.
Google Chrome: You can temorarily disable FBP via the Extensions menu.
Apple Safari: You can disable it via the Extensions tab in the Preferences menu.
Opera: You can disable it via the Extensions menu.

How can I Remove / Uninstall F.B Purity?

Firefox: If you have the add-on version installed, you can remove it via the Firefox Tools/Addons/Extensions menu. If you have the GreaseMonkey script version installed, you can do so via the "Tools/Greasemonkey/Manage User Scripts" menu.
Google Chrome: You can uninstall FBP via the Extensions menu, to get there first click the "3 Hotdogs" Icon in the top right of the browser, then select "More Tools/Extensions".
Apple Safari: You can uninstall FBP via the Extensions tab in the Preferences menu.
Opera: You can uninstall the FBP extension via the Extensions menu. If you have the script installed its simply a case of removing the FBP script from your scripts directory.

Who is the developer of F.B. Purity

Its me, Steve! :) You can contact me via the F.B. Purity Contact Form Please note I may not have time to answer all emails, but will definitely read them.

How can I show my appreciation for the work you have put into FBP and support future development?

If you like FBP, please make a donation to show your appreciation for all the hard work I have put into developing this and keeping it running.



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