How to Edit the List of Extras that F.B. Purity Hides

First open the F.B. Purity options screen. you can do this by clicking the "F.B. Purity" link in the F.B. Purity bar at the top of your FB homepage.

On the left hand side of the options screen is a list of the extras that you can hide from your fb homepage.

You can choose which extras you want to hide by ticking the boxes next to the ones you dont want to see

The current list of Extras that you can hide via the script are: "Sponsored Posts", "Suggested Posts", "Fan page stories", "Facebook Questions", "Became friends with", "Liked (Became a fan of)", "Joined a group", "Attending an event", "Attended an event", "Created an event", "Upcoming Events", "Upcoming Concerts", "Updated profile", "Changed profile pic", "Updated Cover Photo", "Changed relationship", "Commented on or likes status", "Uploaded photo", "Shared photo", "Tagged in Photo / Album", "Likes Photo / Album", "Commented on Photo / Album", "Uploaded video", "Tagged in video", "Shared Video", "Commented on Link", "Likes link", "Posted Note", "Tagged in Note", "Shared a Link", "Read an article", "Trending Articles", "Trending Videos", "Recent Articles About", "Most Shared on", "Shared Status", "Commented on Status", "Likes Status", "Wrote on wall", "Wrote on group wall", "Wrote on page wall", "Changed location", "Commented on this", "Liked this"

Custom Text Filter

Want to hide posts to your homepage that contain specific words or phrases? The custom text filter allows you to do this. Any posts featuring the words and or phrases that you specify will be treated as "Extras", i.e hidden and only displayed, if you click the "Show" extras link. (Note for advanced users "Regular Expression" syntax can also be used here for wildcard matching)

You can enter a list of words or phrases on separate lines, in the Custom Text Filter box on the F.B. Purity options screen that you don't want to see in your newsfeeds.

For example, say you wanted to hide all posts that mentioned "FarmityVillage", you would enter "FarmityVillage" into the custom text filter box (without the quotes) like soFarmityVillage

If you also wanted to hide the phrase "Go boston raiders" you would start a new line in the box and then enter text, make sure you dont add any blank lines to the text box: FarmityVillage
Go boston raiders

"Wildcard" Matching

If you want to match all characters in between some text, you can use ".*" which is "Regular Expression" syntax that means match any character or group of characters. An example where this would come in useful would be if you wanted to hide any post from a specific person, lets say his name was "John Smith" and you wanted to hide any posts from him about his dog called "Rover" you would put the following code into the Custom Text Filter box: John Smith.*Rover (notice in this example that there are no spaces between Smith and ".*" and Rover

Say you wanted to hide all links posted by a specific person, you could use the following code:

John Smith.*\.com
John Smith.*\.net
John Smith.*\.org

And also add lines for any other domain name endings that the person is likely to post. BTW the "\." part means to interpret the full stop as an actual full stop and not a wildcard character

Another useful example of the "regular expression" syntax that can be used is the word boundary signifier: "\b". For example, say you wanted to hide any mention of the word "soft" but you didnt also want to hide words such as "Microsoft" or "Softball" which would normally both be hidden if you just put "soft" in the text filter. Well this is where the word boundary signifier comes in handy, you just need to put it at the front and end of the specific word you want filtered, like so: \bsoft\b that should ensure only the whole word "soft" will get filtered out. And not words that just contain those letters somewhere inside.

Hiding the Suggestions Box

If you want to turn off (hide) the "suggestions" box (also known as the "People You May Know", "Find more Friends" and "Friend Finder" box)

Just tick the "hide sponsored box" option on the F.B. Purity Options Screen, this will as well as hiding the ads also hide the suggestions box

Hiding Facebook's Sponsored Box (aka Ads and Adverts)

If you want to turn off (hide) the "Sponsored" box

Just tick the check box next to the text "Hide Sponsored Box" on the F.B. Purity Options Screen, this will hide the Sponsored box, and it will also hide the "Sponsored" stories / posts (aka Suggested Posts / Suggested Pages) and all adverts that appear directly in your newsfeed and around Facebook

Hiding the Get Connected Box

If you want to hide the "Connect with Friends" box (aka the "Get Connected Box")

Just tick the "hide sponsored box" option the F.B. Purity Options Screen as it should also hide that too.

N.B Dont forget, in order for the changes you make to the options screen to be saved, you need to click the "Save and Close" buttton.

For info on how to edit the application whitelist, i.e which applications you dont want to be hidden by the script, please see the guide to
Editing the F.B. Purity Whitelist.

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