Support me, (The Developer of F.B. Purity) by Signing the Petition to get my Facebook account and the F.B. Purity Fan Page re-enabled

On 16th February, I found out I could no longer log in to Facebook, as without warning or explanation they had disabled my personal Facebook account. Also disabled was the Fan Page for F.B (Fluff Busting) Purity.

All attempts at contacting Facebook to find out why they have done this have failed, the automated messages received simply state that they will not re-enable his account, or discuss why it has been disabled.

I have been on Facebook for over 4 years, so have built a lot of relationships on there with Friends and Family, including hundreds of photos, messages, wall posts, etc,
I had also via the F.B. Purity Fan Page on Facebook, built up a following of 36,000 fans for my browser extension F.B. Purity, which enables Facebook users to filter out the content that they dont wish to see in their newsfeeds and on their facebook homepage.

All that has now been wiped out, and I can no longer stay in touch with my family and friends easily anymore, and have lost all the content I have posted to Facebook, and can no longer access my friends content or the many other Facebook features that are available.

This is completely unfair, and has been done without a real reason, as I have done nothing wrong.

If you are a fan of F.B Purity, or just a hater of injustice and corporate bullying please help me out, by signing my Petition to get my account re-enabled

Petition to get the Developer of F.B. Purity’s Facebook account re-enabled

Until Facebook re-enable my account and the F.B. Purity Fan Page, I have moved to Google Plus, and created a new F.B. Purity Fan Page there, please join the page to stay in touch and up to date with the latest FBP news.

The new FB Purity Fan Page on Google Plus

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