Script Update – v3.3 – New Extra – Hide “Checked in to Location” aka “Changed Location” (Facebook’s new geolocation feature)

Script Update: For those in the USA and anyone else who are seeing messages from the new Facebook Places geolocation feature in their feeds, where people can “check in” at real ¬†locations on the world map via Facebook on their mobile devices. I’ve added a new hideable “Extra” called “Checked in to location” ¬†(*UPDATE* This option has now been renamed to “Changed Location“) if you tick this option in the FBP options screen, it will hide those types of posts. If you are not yet seeing these posts, Facebook probably hasnt yet launched this feature in your area yet, so theres no need to update your version of the script just yet. For those that do want to be able to hide these types of posts.

You can install the latest version of FB Purity (v3.3) here:

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