Revert Site v9.2 now lets you revert the Newsfeed to the old Facebook layout / design!

Revert Site v9.2 now also lets you revert the Facebook Newsfeed to the old Facebook layout / design!

Added Revert Site to my browser and got the old Facebook design back

Added Revert Site to my browser and got the old Facebook design back

Revert Site v9.2 now has 2 “switch back” modes, Mode 1 and Mode 2. Mode 1 attempts to do a full facebook account switch, which will revert the whole Facebook site back to the old design, including the Newsfeed. Mode 1 is the default mode that is enabled when Revert Site is first installed. Unfortunately, Mode 1 is not compatible with everybody’s facebook account, so it won’t work for everyone.

When Revert Site is first run, it will twice attempt to load Facebook in Mode 1, and if it fails both times, it will automatically switch you to Mode 2, the fall back Revert Method. Mode 2 is the same Revert method used in the previous version (v8) of Revert Site, and has a few drawbacks and limitations. The main one being it can’t Revert the Newsfeed Page, so when you visit the Newsfeed page Facebook redirects you to the mobile version of the Newsfeed. To make it a bit easier to navigate I have managed to add a sidebar to the mobile newsfeed, so it looks a bit more like the old desktop newsfeed. On the bright side Mode 2 can revert nearly every other page on the site, including Personal Profiles, Business Pages, Events, Messages, etc.

If you are an admin of a facebook Group or Page, and have been using the built in facebook admin option to switch back, and also have Revert Site installed, make sure you switch Revert Site to Mode 1, as if you have it set to “Off” Revert Site will attempt to switch you back to the new facebook design. The good thing for Page/Group admins who use Revert Site and have it set to Mode 1, Revert Site will automatically reset your admin switch, and revert you back to the old facebook design, whenever facebook deciedes your 24 hours or 48 hours isĀ  up and tries to switch you back to the new design.

The benefit of using Revert Site for FB Purity users is that FB Purity works a great deal better on the old Facebook layout, as that was the site style that FBP was originally designed to work on. Also if you can only get Mode 2 to work, FBP can benefit by making links in the mobile newsfeed go to the old desktop version of the site.

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11 Responses to Revert Site v9.2 now lets you revert the Newsfeed to the old Facebook layout / design!

  1. Satish Chandratre says:

    Facebook does not allow to share this information in groups.

    • admin says:

      Yes, i am aware facebook block links to because they don’t want their users having control over how they view the facebook website, they want to force everyone to view it the way they want you to see it.

      To get around the block, you can share any of the relevant posts from revert site’s Page on Facebook or FBP’s Page on Facebook instead

  2. Nancy G Fennell says:

    Can we see the messenger chats if we revert to the old Facebook? I could not see it when I tried it a few weeks ago.

    • admin says:

      yes, if mode 1 of Revert Site works for you, then that means you will have the whole of the facebook site layout reverted including messenger. If only mode 2 works for you, the newsfeed will show in the mobile format, but you can still access messenger via or via or if you visit your profile page you will be able to access the normal facebook chat features via that page.

  3. Roger Davis says:

    I can’t share a message with comment, only just share now.

    • admin says:

      if you are talking about mode 2, if you click the time/date stamp of a post in the mobile feed, or click the comment button below the post, if you have fbp also installed, the post should open in the desktop version of the site, and you should be able to use the full set of Share options there.

  4. Roland Poppe says:

    Mode 1 does not work for me, and in mode 2 I don’t see my contacts for messenger on the right side. Both in Firefox and Chrome

  5. Thanks for Revert site. It works perfect AGAIN! Today 06-12-2020

  6. Trishna Peacock says:

    Hi there,
    can someone PLEASE help me.
    I switched back to the old facebook using your Revert Site and now facebook just won’t load at all on my laptop.
    I run a couple of businesses so I really need to switch it back to the original facebook.
    How do I do that?
    I need urgent help. Thank you

    • admin says:

      unfortunately facebook changed some code which has closed the loophole that Revert Site was using to access the old facebook design, and that change now causes the program to go into an endless page loading loop, i dont think its possible to fix this, so its best to disable or uninstall the revert site extension for now.

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