Remove Facebook Bubble Chat with F.B. Purity v9.1.0

The latest release of F.B. Purity (v9.1.0) Lets you revert Bubble Chat back to the old Style Chat

If you don’t like Facebook’s new “Bubble Chat” chat interface, I’ve added an option to allow you to revert back to the old style chat system. You can access it via the FB Purity options screen (see screenshots below).

Change Facebook Bubble Chat Back to old style FB chat with F.B. Purity

FB Purity v9.1.0 adds an option for reverting Bubble Chat back to the old style Facebook Chat.

Lots of people are asking ‘How do i remove Bubble Chat’ / ‘How to get rid of Bubble Chat’. FB Purity is the answer!

FB Purity gives you the ability to get rid of Bubble Chat

F.B. Purity v9.1.0 has a new option to let you switch off the Bubble Chat interface

I’ve also added an option that lets you “replay” a deleted friend alert, if you accidentally dismiss it without reading it. Just press the “F” key shortly after you see the alert, and it will re-display it, so you can read it again.

For more information on the full list of options and capabilities available to you with FB Purity, see the FB Purity Features Page

As always you can get the latest version of F.B. Purity directly from the F.B. Purity website

If you appreciate all the work that goes into F.B. Purity and would like to see its deveopment continued, please show your support by donating

Let your friends know about FB Purity too, spread the word, tell others out who you think would appreciate the benefits of this extension.



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