New F.B. Purity Beta version available (v8.2.0) : Adds lots of new options for customizing Facebook

FB Purity the Facebook Filter that lets you Customize Facebook the way you want it
So it seems like Facebook’s legal department must still be on holiday, (or they are buried under paperwork from all the people who are trying to sue them)  as I’ve not heard anything back from them regarding my queries about their announcement, regarding my supposed ban from Facebook.

I would like to thank everyone for their messages of support and also a big thanks to those who have donated. It seems clear to me that Facebook’s users do want to have the option of controlling what gets shown in their own browsers, so I will continue to work on FBP.

In the meantime I’ve been working on a new update to F.B. Purity, its in Beta at the moment, and if you are ok with Beta software, you can find out more and get it via the FBP Beta page

In my own testing, it seems to be working fine, but before I do a full release, It would be nice if some people could try it out, to see if i’ve missed anything. Will probably do a full release of this version in the next day or so.

Developing F.B. Purity has been a struggle from the start, Facebook are continually throwing up obstacles, but with your help I won’t let them stop me.

If you support freedom of the internet, support F.B. Purity, as it gives you freedom from having to view the junk that facebook wants you to see.

Please donate and support the cause:
Also help spread the word about F.B. Purity, tell your friends,  share, like and comment on this post / image,



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3 Responses to New F.B. Purity Beta version available (v8.2.0) : Adds lots of new options for customizing Facebook

  1. Peter Haydu says:

    I really like your efforts to make FB less obnoxious and distracting, and I’m sorry you’re experiencing such serious push-back from them (although I suppose you could take that as an indication of how many people find your extension useful, meaning that FB gets less ad revenue from those people — which is, of course, the reason for the push-back in the first place).

    Your plate is obviously pretty full just now, but is there any possibility of an extension which would work with a mobile browser (or is there a way to use the standard version with, say, Safari in iOS)?

    And, just for fun, I gather from your writing that you speak British rather than American English. Little things like using plural agreement with corporate names (Americans usually treat companies, e.g. ‘Facebook,’ as singular entities, not groups), and phrases like “on holiday,” which is standard in Britain, but rare among Americans.

    Please keep up the good work! And thanks.

  2. Lisa says:

    Thank you for all that you do!

  3. i want new version of face book

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