Join the Protest Against Facebook – Unblock FB Purity!

Help protest against Facebook and Get FB Purity Unblocked

Join the Protest against Facebook’s Lies. Free FB Purity for the people!

Join the protest against Facebook. Lets get FB Purity unblocked on Facebook

You may have heard that Facebook is introducing AutoPlay videos in the newsfeed, and  soon after that will come the AutoPlay video ads.

I’ve been working on getting a fix for F.B. Purity that will allow you to disable the autoplay videos/ads in your newsfeed. To check out how far I have got visit the FB Purity Beta Testing page, and try the latest version of FBP.

Its hard to get the word out about it when Facebook is blocking all links to the FB Purity website, and spreading lies that FB Purity is unsafe even though there is comprehensive proof that the FB Purity site and software are completely safe.

Lets all join together and get Facebook to listen to us for a change: Join the protest against Facebook Lets get FB Purity unblocked!

Let Facebook know that We dont want autoplay videos, We dont want spam We dont want junk, We want FB Purity!

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One Response to Join the Protest Against Facebook – Unblock FB Purity!

  1. kim chappell says:

    I Love FB Purity! All that extra crap is worthless. It’s my page!

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