Important news for users of the Safari version of the FB Purity browser add-on

FB Purity lets you clean up and customize Facebook making using FB a much pleasanter experience.

Safari FB Purity lets you clean up and customize Facebook. Get rid of the junk features of Facebook that you don’t want to see:
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Important news for people using the Safari extension version of FB Purity.

Apple a company with a net worth of over 733 billion dollars has decided that developers of Safari browser extensions must pay them $99 per year, for the privilege of toiling long hours developing free browser extensions. This is quite frankly obscene, and not fair in the slightest. None of the other browsers charge developers to develop free extensions.

The other issue of course is that the latest versions of Safari are only available on the Mac platform, and I am a PC developer, so that is the other roadblock.

This means I can no longer develop FB Purity for Safari. The currently available version of the FBP Safari extension, still seems to be working, but I will no longer be able to provide updates for it, and I do not know how much longer it will remain working.

The options available for you in future will be to switch to using FBP on one of the other supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Maxthon.

I think Apple have shot themselves in the foot here, watch Safari’s (already small) share of the browser market plummet, as the extensions that Safari users love using cease being developed.

If anyone wants to leave feedback for Apple on this policy, you can do so via the following form: Though I think its unlikely to have any effect.

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PS. This story has also been posted on Facebook here

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