If you have noticed FB Purity’s “BA” (Block Application) function has stopped working, read this

FB Purity the Facebook Filter that lets you Customize Facebook the way you want it

Do you use FB Puritys application blocking function? If so you may have noticed that it has stopped working, due to a Facebook code change. I’ve updated FBP’s code so that it works again, if you want the fixed version, just clear your browser cache, and re-install via https://fbpurity.com
I havent updated the version number, so it will still say v7.9.6 once installed, but you will find the application blocking function will be working again. The reason i’ve not updated the version number, is I dont know whether many people make use of this function, I certainly havent had many reports from users that it has stopped working.

Facebook are squeezing Facebook page owners for money, they have stopped showing all Page updates to their fans, unless the page owners pay them money. If you want to see all the updates from this page, you can get around this in one of 2 ways, first is to subscribe to the following Interest List: FB Purity News: https://www.facebook.com/lists/10151100036991927 that should make sure that posts from this page appear in your newsfeed.

The second option is even better, as it actually gives you a notification whenever theres a post from this page. To enable notifications when this page posts an update, go to the FBP Fan Page  and hover over the “Liked” button, then select “Get Notifications”. I only update this page, when theres some important news, so theres no need to worry about getting too many notifications.

The reason its important to follow this page, if you are an FB Purity user, is that Facebook update the code on their site very often, and it often breaks parts of FB Puritys functionality. Through this page I will keep you informed of any such changes, and also of when I have managed to fix any breakages, or have developed new versions with new functions etc.

In future versions i will give the option for you to add the Interest List and the option to get notifications from this page, when you install FBP, to make the process simpler.

Please support FB Purity by donating: https://donate.fbpurity.com

Please also tell all your friends about FB Purity too,

Thanks  and Best Regards,


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4 Responses to If you have noticed FB Purity’s “BA” (Block Application) function has stopped working, read this

  1. Bob Appleton says:

    Hey Steve,

    I discovered that I had to uninstall the FB Purity Firefox plugin because email links would no longer open Firefox to the links unless the browser was already open. Instead they would just open the browser to its home page.

    I saw this reported elsewhere on Mozilla help pages and tried uninstalling add-ons. Eventuall II uninstalled FB Purity and the email links started working again.

    To reinstall FBP I tried installing the Greasemonkey script instead – but found that it hasn’t worked.

    Just thought you might like to know. If there are any suggestions for making the script work I’d appreciate those. I miss FBP.



    • admin says:

      it sounds extremely unlikely that fb purity would cause this to be honest, as “fb purity” only runs on facebook pages…
      out of curiosity what email client were you using? and what did you mean by the greasemonkey script didnt work? do you mean you cant get it to work at all, or you have the same problem with email links when you use the greasemonkey script? if you cant get the greasemonkey script to work, perhaps you need to read up on how the greasemonkey extension works first, before trying to run any scripts. if that doesnt help, try following the troubleshooting guide in the FBP FAQ : http://fbpurity.com/faq.htm#troubleshooting

  2. Roger says:

    One of my main reason for using your program was because fb had to many ad’s. Why am i now seeing ad’s with your program, and is there a way to disable these ad’s?

    • admin says:

      I have no idea what ads you are talking about, fb purity does not insert any ads…
      The only thing i can think of, is there was a bug in an earlier version of FB Purity, where the “new user welcome” screen would pop up regularly, because facebook sabotaged the FB Purity extension’s storage area, meaning it kept getting reset, so the extension thought it was the first time the user was running it. Facebook constantly change the site around to make it difficult for FB Purity to work correctly, so to ensure FB Purity is working correctly, you need to follow the FB Purity news for notification of when i have fixed any issues that Facebook have thrown up, so you can install the updated version with the fixes. That bug was fixed a long time ago, and there have been many releases since that bug first appeared. You should follow the FB Purity news by “liking” the fbp fan page on facebook, you can also subscribe to email alerts, via the email subscribe function on the right of this page. You can follow FBPurity on G+ and Twitter. If you dont stay in touch with FB Purity, the extension will eventually stop working, so its important to stay connected via the FBP news for the latest releases.

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