If you are getting the “Something went wrong” error, please know this is not an FBP Bug, its a Facebook bug

If you are getting the “Something went wrong” error, please know this is not an FBP Bug, its a Facebook bug in the “Most Recent” version of the newsfeed. You can test this for yourself, by disabling FBP then loading “Most Recent” which is at https://www.facebook.com/?sk=h_chr

This bug may only seem to manifest itself when you have FBP enabled, but if that is the case, it just means you have turned on FBP’s “News Sort: Most Recent” option which attempts to keep your Newsfeed permanently set to the “Most Recent” setting. So turning that option off temporarily then loading https://www.facebook.com should reset back to Facebook’s default setting for the Newsfeed which is “Top Posts” and currently that version of the feed is the only one that is working.

** UPDATE ** This Facebook bug appears to crop up on a seemingly regular basis, unfortunately there is nothing fbp can do to fix that bug, only facebook can fix it. If you are regularly getting that error, turn off fbp’s option to automatically redirect you to the “most recent” feed.

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6 Responses to If you are getting the “Something went wrong” error, please know this is not an FBP Bug, its a Facebook bug

  1. Eric f says:

    Thanks for posting this… was having exactly that issue, and was wondering if FBP was involved.

  2. I play Battle Pirates and every time i’m in the middle of building or fixing my base I get kicked off and back to fb home page or I get a SOS and told to refresh. If I open BP on a different tab i’m able to play without problems at least til they find me. What can I do to stop this from happening. I had my PC checked and it’s fine so, I know it’s FB. that’s the only site that i have this problem

    • admin says:

      try turning off the “news sort: most recent” option if its turned on, as that is one of the only options that would redirect you to the home page.

  3. Mike Kelly says:

    Well, I don’t know what to say. I searched the FAQ and found this answer. However, if I start Facebook without FBP enabled and using https://www.facebook.com/?sk=h_chr I still am getting the “Something went wrong” error and told to reload the page. This is happening with Microsoft Edge and Firefox. Not sure about other browsers since those are the only two I use. I hate that I am missing posts when trying to use the newsfeed: Most Recent. Has Facebook broken this feature again. I am on a Windows 11 PC. This article was posted in 2021.

    • admin says:

      im sorry i dont understand your comment. as explained in the post you are replying to if you are getting the error message when visiting the URL for facebook’s “most recent” feed with fbp disabled. it is clear it is not an fbp issue. this Facebook bug seems to crop up on quite a regular basis. There is nothing fbp can do to fix that, only facebook can fix that bug.

  4. no says:

    The “something went wrong” is that facebook doesn’t want to let you to view “most recent” – they want you to let them sort by default and shove promoted crap in your face.

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