I fixed FB Purity’s hide trending articles / trending videos functionality again, reinstall via fbpurity.com for the fixed version

FB Purity’s hide Trending Articles / Trending Videos functionality had stopped working due to a code change at Facebook. I’ve fixed FBP so the function should work again, to get the fixed version, clear your browser cache then re-install via the fbpurity .com website. (I’ve not incremented the version number this time, so the fixed version will still show as v7.5.1)

Regarding the recent vote on Facebook’s new privacy policy. In case you did’t already hear, the users of Facebook who actualyl heard about the vote, voted overwhelmingly against Facebook’s change, though as 30% of active facebook users didnt vote, they are just going to ignore us.

The reason 30% of facebooks users didnt vote is that Facebook never announced the vote to all its users. They are claiming that they tried hard to tell everyone on Facebook about this, but in reality they made very little effort, only announcing it to the few people who had “liked” the “facebook privacy” and the “facebook site governance” pages, and not even all those people got to see the announcement, due to the way Facebook selects which pages statuses show up in the newsfeed. Facebook continues to lead the world in being the most untrustworthy site around.

Tip: To hide the “Suggested Pokes” box add the following code (you need to click the Custom CSS heading on the FBP options screen first)

#pagelet_pysp {display:none}

How to hide the “Promote” button below Facebook Page status boxes:
Just add the following code to the Custom CSS box:

#pagelet_boosting_widget {display:none}

There are lots more Custom CSS tips on the FBP CSS page at fbpurity.com/css.htm

FYI: Currently only around 10% of people who have liked this page are actually getting posts from FBP in their news feed. To ensure that you do receive posts from FBP in your feed, you need to hover over the “like” button on our main page and then click “show in news feed”. Please share this status to get the information out there. Thanks.



Install the updated version of F.B. Purity (v7.5.1)

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