How to turn off the “Turn on Facebook Notifications” popup nuisance

PSA: Facebook is spamming some people with unwanted popups nagging them to “Turn on Facebook Notifications”. It just wont go away. It only gives you 2 options, and if you click the “Not Now” button, the popup will return every time you log-in.

This post explains how to turn off the “Turn on Facebook notifications” popups:

1) Click the green “Turn on” button in the popup window.

2) If you havent already turned off “off site” notifications in the browser, a browser dialog should then pop up asking whether you want to allow notifications from Select the “Always block on this site” or “Never Allow” options (or equivalent). If you have already turned off browser notifications via the padlock icon at the left of the address bar, then you are already sorted and this step is not necessary.

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12 Responses to How to turn off the “Turn on Facebook Notifications” popup nuisance

  1. Callum says:

    Thanks mate you’re a legend.

  2. Nellie Price says:

    Thank you Steve! You are a blessing!!

  3. Don Reba says:

    It doesn’t work. At least in Firefox, the message pops up if you disable notifications for all sites or just Facebook.

    • admin says:

      you need to follow the instructions more carefully, there are 2 steps that need to be taken

      • Derek says:

        It’s only temporary. I keep blocking it, and my browser shows it’s blocked, but every 24 hours it prompts again. It’s a daily struggle.

        • admin says:

          some people have reported having that problem if they clear the sites cookies regularly. if you have followed the instructions above carefully and still see the popup, then try not clearing the sites cookies, and it should work ok.

          • Dave says:

            This method does not work for me either.

            I use Cookie AutoDelete, NoScript, AdBlock Plus, Privacy Badger, and Header Editor on the latest Firefox 57 64bit.

            I have dom.webnotifications.enabled set to false. I also have the FF cache located on a ramdrive that vanishes everytime my PC goes to sleep.

          • admin says:

            from reports ive received this method wont work if you clear the cookies, facebook must be storing the preference in the users cookies

          • Dave says:

            Stopping this annoyance by allowing facebook to track me is not acceptable.

            I was hoping you would know a way to hide this notification too.

          • Dave says:

            FYI This problem does not exist with FF 52.5.2 ESR, only with FF 57.

  4. Tonia says:

    There are no words for how thankful I am that you posted this!! This has been driving me bat s*#t crazy for months!!

  5. I never get an option to always block or never allow

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