Happy New Year! FB Purity Update v9.4.0 – Features: Full Date+Time on Posts Option, New Timeline Options, Plus More

FB Purity wishes you a very happy new year!

Happy New Year From FB Purity!

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F.B. Purity Beta v9.4.0 – 31st December 2013

Happy New Year Everyone!

I’ve been hard at work on a new version of FB Purity v9.4.0, which has some bug fixes and new features, see below for the full details:

Changes Summary:

  • New: Option to show full date/time stamps below posts
  • New: Added hide “List Suggestions” option to “Hide Right Column Links” options
  • New: Hide “People You May Know” box option
  • New: Timeline Section on options screen, featuring “hide likes boxes”,”hide games + apps”,”hide invite friends”, “hide the nagging questions”
  • New: Added a “F.B. Purity News” link to the left hand column, for easier access to the FBP Fan page. (I didnt have time to add a hide option for this, but you can hide it with Custom CSS if you really dont like it, though i would urge you not to hide it, as I will be making it an active link to show when the FBP Fan page has new posts. As at present news from the FBP fan page only gets seen by less that 10% of the total number of fans of the page due to Facebooks restrictions)
  • Fixed: Display glitch with the disable autoplay video functionality when opening video in “theater” mode
  • Fixed: Restore Comment Button functionality (also fixed attach image when restore comment button option is enabled)
  • Fixed: The FBP info bar not showing on some friends/interests list pages
  • Changed: Moved the chat options to a separate section of the options screen.

* Current Known Issues *

  • When using the “R” key to re-sort the newsfeed, it sometimes shows duplicate stories in the feed. However, if you press the “R” key again, it will remove the duplicates.

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Wishing you all the Best for the New Year,



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