Great News! Facebook have re-enabled my personal account today! :) and the F.B. Purity Fan page should be back soon too…

I’m very happy to announce that Facebook have relented and re-enabled my personal account, and the F.B. Purity Fan page should be back up and running in a couple of days too. I first need to know exactly what their problem with it is as they still havent told me, instead they are just referring me to their “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities”, and saying i violated it in some unspecified way… which means i will need to investigate this further, to find out exactly what their problem is. But if the way i was treated on Facebook is anything to go by, it seems we the users of Facebook have very few rights indeed…

If you like the FB Purity project, appreciate the amount of time and effort i have put into it, and would like to see its development continue, please donate via

Install the latest version of F.B. Purity (v6.6.1) here

BTW Go here: For the guide on how to disable / remove / deactivate / turn off and get rid of Facebook Timeline

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