FB Purity v8.5.1: Fixes “Restore Comment Button”, “Hide Shared Photos”, “Changed Location” filters

FB Purity lets you clean up and Customize Facebook

If you find Facebook annoying, you should try the FB Purity browser extension, it lets you fix a lot of the most annoying Facebook “anti features” http://fbpurity.com

FB Purity v8.5.1 released:

FB Purity v8.5.1 Released: Fixed “Restore Comment Button” option, Fixed hide “Shared Photo” filter for multi story posts of the type “Friend  posted x updates”, Fixed “Updated Location” filter to include “was in” and “was at” story types, Fixed user interface glitches if Background Colour was set (the group notification counters from the left hand column, and the “image attach” button for comments)

Works with Firefox 22, Chrome 28, Safari and Opera.

To update to the latest version, go to the FB Purity website: fbpurity.com  and install it from there.

FB Purity is a browser extension that lets you filter out the junk you dont want to see, such as Ads, Suggested Posts, Suggested Pages, Games Posts, Games Your Friends are Playing, Shared Photos / Videos etc. The list of hideable story types is completely customisable, and you can also create your own custom text filters.

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4 Responses to FB Purity v8.5.1: Fixes “Restore Comment Button”, “Hide Shared Photos”, “Changed Location” filters

  1. P says:

    Tried to updated to 8.5.1 but both on your site and in Google play it’s showing up as 8.5.0 I mainly use chrome so the keep trying thing can be a PITA

    Thanks :0)

    • admin says:

      you should try clearing your browser cache, then try installing. your browser has probably cached an old copy of the installation page on the fbpurity.com website.

      • Pat says:

        I’ve cleaned out everything an even though the file i download is fbpurity.EGHTFVONE on FB it’s showing as 8.5.0 and shows needs to be updated. I’m not new to this process, have updated every time you have one. could it be that windows 8 is making this miserable?!

        it would be nice if you kept the updates, up to date in the Chrome Web Store… last listed update there ….. Version: 1.3 Updated: March 6, 2013
        Not trying to be nasty, but it’s getting frustrating

        • admin says:

          the chrome installation process has now changed, it sounds like you havent cleared your browser cache, if you do that, then try and install, it should fix everything.

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