FB Purity V34.6 fixes hiding Sponsored Posts and Filtering the Newsfeed – (not yet available for edge, waiting for Microsft to approve it. But available for all other browsers.)

Facebook changed their code again, which broke FB Purity’s Sponsored Post blocking and Newsfeed filtering functionality. I’ve managed to come up with a fixed version of FBP v34.6

It’s currently only available for Chrome, Firefox Opera and GM Script (via install.fbpurity.com )  the Edge browser version will follow when it is approved by Microsoft.

If you have Chrome, Firefox Opera or the GM Script version of FBP with Tampermonkey, FBP may have already autoupdated. If not you can force an update via the browser’s extensions management page, or the tampermonkey dashboard.

I am aware the latest version number listed on the install page says 34.5 i will update that when all browser versions of v34.6  are approved and available for installation/update.

I will update the news when other browser versions become availlable.

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