6 Responses to FBP v34.4.4 is out now! Featuring a new method for hiding the Sponsored Posts on Facebook

  1. Frank Lee Doobyus says:

    Once again, an outstanding job of helping FB users to be “connected” without being deluged with FB sponsor ‘JUNK” that interferes with the simple function of FB. Thanks, folks!

  2. Luc Le Blanc says:

    One last detail: if FBP gets updated in an open FB tab (Firefox at least), the tab has to be reloaded (F5) for the Zap menu to appear.

    This idea of a self-learning mechanism is brilliant and very trendy. It’ll work until FB decides to disguise sponsored ads as genuine posts – that’ll be the day I definitely leave them!

  3. Fors says:

    Unfortunately this zip-zap method doesn’t work. Next day I see the same ads again.

  4. S says:

    No zap function for me – no matter how many times I click the three dots or refresh my page. My fb feed is now 99% sponsored ads that I can do nothing about. I loved fb purity at first, but it doesn’t seem to be functioning any longer.

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