How to fix the broken newsfeed filtering in Firefox 41 (and above)

FB Purity issues on Future versions of Firefox

FB Purity FBP newsfeed filtering is broken in Firefox 41 – How to fix it

Something has changed in Firefox 41+’s Javascript implementation that stops FB Purity’s newsfeed filtering functionality from working correctly in that browser. All other FBP functionality should still work OK in FF41 (and above). If you want to get FBP’s newsfeed filtering working properly again, there are a few different solutions available:

  1. Install the ESR (Extended Support Release) version of Firefox over the top of your current Firefox installation (during installation, if asked select the “Replace” option which replaces the current Firefox installation). This reverts Firefox to a slightly earlier stable version of Firefox (v38), that still receives all the latest Firefox security updates. FBP will work fine in this version of Firefox. Please note the installation process for Firefox ESR is quick and painless.
  2. Switch to using a different browser that FBP will run on, e.g Google Chrome (or chrome clone), Opera or Maxthon.
  3. *Update* I’ve managed to get the functionality that filters out the Ads (suggested/sponsored posts) from the newsfeed working again in FF41/FF42/FF43. Clear your browser cache then re-install the FF extension via FBPURUITY .COM for the fixed ad filtering, though all other newsfeed filtering functionality is still currently broken.

When I figure out a solution to the newsfeed filtering issue in FF41/FF42 itself, I will post a news update about it, so please be patient until then, if you are not prepared to follow my recommendations on fixing the issue yourself.

If you have any other problems with FB Purity please follow all the steps in the Troubleshooting Guide on the FBP FAQ page



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15 Responses to How to fix the broken newsfeed filtering in Firefox 41 (and above)

  1. Feh Wah Woon says:

    I’ll just wait for the fix– patiently. Thanks for the great work.

  2. Lee says:

    I have Firefox 41.0.1 but I have not noticed anything unusual in my newsfeed–what are the problems that may occur? Thank you for your great work, Steve!

    • admin says:

      try any of the newsfeed filtering options and you will see what i mean

    • P.J. says:

      For example, you may notice that all those pesky games posts are back in the feed. I also began seeing the annoying “sponsored” advertisements but the fix above in step #4 worked to at least remove those. Hopefully we’ll see a full fix shortly! :D

  3. Fred says:

    So what happened to the installer for Firefox? It is no longer on the install page

  4. Danny Griffiths says:

    Firefox 44 HAS REMOVED fb Purity COMPLETELY!!!

    • admin says:

      As per the FAQ Beta versions are not supported, also the article you are replying to explains how to get FBP working again.

  5. Rrik says:

    Nope – I’m still getting the all the ads – aswell as everything else. Very annoying.

  6. Scott says:

    I really appreciate your work on this. I prefer Firefox over other browsers. The next best option would be Chrome but I was never a fan. I just wish FB would get their stuff together and give people the option to turn off the information overload. My friend liked something, my friend commented on something… ok, must I know that? Again, thanks for the work on this. Hopefully a fix will come through soon.

  7. Paulo Sergio says:

    Mozilla, in Firefox 43, has blocked completely FB Purity 13.4.2. The last version “signed” by them is Please, fix it, I love this extension and I’ll apreciate your special attention in this case. Thanks in advance.

  8. Claude says:

    Hello This plugin does not work for my broweser anymore, Firefox blocks it saying that it has not been verified,
    Please help? :)

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