FB Purity’s Delete Recent Activity Button has stopped working, due to a Facebook code change.

FB Purity’s “Delete Recent Activity” Button has stopped working, due to a Facebook code change.

I will need to investigate it and come up with a solution before i can release a new fixed version of FB Purity, please be patient, thanks.

BTW Im still doing research into what people hate about Facebook, please take the poll by clicking the following link https://www.facebook.com/questions/10150593151412559/
and then selecting the items that you hate about Facebook, if you have already answered the poll, please do look again, as many new options have been added, please also share this Poll with your friends and also click the “Ask Friends” button at the top right of the Poll page, to ask individual friends, who you think might be interested to take the poll.

If you like the FB Purity project, appreciate the amount of time and effort i have put into it, and would like to see its development continue, please donate via http://donate.fbpurity.com

BTW Go here: For the guide on how to disable / deactivate / turn off / get rid of / remove Facebook Timeline

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