FB Purity v9.8.2 Fixes hide “Wrote on Wall” filter, Full Screen Chat, Deleted Friend Alerts

FB Purity v9.8.2 has been released

Changes in this version:

Fixed: Deleted Friend Alert Replay. (Pressing the “F” key after a “Deleted Friend Alert” has popped up and been dismissed, should replay the “Deleted Friend Alert”, even after navigating to a new page or reloading the current page)

Fixed: Full Screen Chat option

Fixed: Background Colour Issues on Profile pages

Fixed: Hide “Wrote on Wall” filter

Fixed: Export Settings link in Safari.

You can update to the latest version of FBP by re-installing via the Installation Page on the Purity website.

If you have any problems or find any bugs with FB Purity, please follow the FB Purity Troubleshooting Guide

Please also follow FB Purity News on Twitter and/or FB Purity News on Google Plus

If you appreciate all the work that goes into developing and keeping FB Purity going, please show your support by donating. Huge thanks goes out to those who have already donated! :)



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