FB Purity v9.8.0 – Expand News Column, Hide List Header Images + Bug fixes

FB Purity v9.8.0  has been released.

Changes in this version:

FB Purity the Facebook Filter that lets you Customize Facebook the way you want it

Get FB Purity and make using Facebook more fun and less of a chore

  • New: “List Options” section added to the FBP options screen, with “Hide Random Header Image” and “Hide List Suggestions” options

  • New: “Expand News Column” option, under “Further Options” heading, that expands the News column and hides the Reminders column on the right. (Please Note: this option is optimised to work with the new newsfeed design)

  • New:  Added a toggle switch for expanding/contracting the news column, that looks like “” and sits next to the FBP Info bar at the top of the newsfeed.
    (Please Note: This toggle function also has a keyboard shortcut of “E” for “Expand news column”)

  • New: Added “Places and Public Figures” to the list of hideable left column links

  • New: If “Sort Feed : Most Recent” option is selected, FBP will minimise the box that says “Viewing Most Recent Stories / Back to Top Stories” at the top of the newsfeed

  • Fixed: “Sort Feed : Most Recent” option has been improved so it should switch to “Most recent” even if the URL doesnt indicate the feed is sorted by “Top Stories”

  • Fixed: Stopped youtube videos opening in a new tab and playing in existing tab at the same time when play button is clicked and FBP’s “fix external links” option is selected.

  • Fixed: Hide “Wrote on Wall” filter

You can update to the latest version of FBP by re-installing via the Installation Page on the Purity website.

If you have any problems or find any bugs with FB Purity, please follow the FB Purity Troubleshooting Guide

Please also follow FB Purity News on Twitter and/or FB Purity News on Google Plus

If you appreciate all the work that goes into developing and keeping FB Purity going, please show your support by donating. Huge thanks goes out to those who have already donated! :)



P.S. Some people have been asking how to hide the “smart” friend lists that facebook automatically creates for you, in the left hand column. I made a short video that shows how you can hide those, using FB Purity’s Custom CSS feature. You will need to view it full screen to see it clearly:

Theres also a lot of pre-made Custom CSS on the FB Purity CSS page, that gives you some examples and other useful code to work with too.

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2 Responses to FB Purity v9.8.0 – Expand News Column, Hide List Header Images + Bug fixes

  1. Joy says:

    Please tell me how to disable the feature the sorts my Newsfeed. I absolutely hate the Friends Feed and I want it gone. I really don’t want to see post after post after post of nothing but Facebook Friends. Please Help. I already checked the FAQ and haven’t seen what I’m looking for and I got 77 hits on the word newsfeed when I searched the FAQ section, and I don’t time to search all day to find an answer.

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