FB Purity v9.7.1 Fixes hiding the “similar to” popup and other bugs caused by the new newsfeed design

FB Purity v9.7.1 has been released and fixes some bugs caused by the new newsfeed design.

Facebook are rolling out a new Newsfeed design, which breaks some of FB Purity’s functionality. This new release should fix it. If you don’t yet have the new newsfeed design, you can read about whats changing here: http://bit.ly/1hPQetr

Changes in this version:

  • Fixed hidden “FBP” link in top nav bar
  • Fixed “Sort Feed : Most Recent” function
  • Fixed hiding the “Similar To” popup box that appears when you click “Like” on a post from a “Like Page” / “Fan Page” in the newsfeed, when you have the “hide sponsored box” option ticked
  • Fixed “BA” (block application) and “WL(whitelist application) links hiding the FB dropdown menu.
  • Fixed anomalous fbp news notification when daylight savings time adjustment changes timestamps on the fbp newsfeed.
  • Fixed hide recommended games/games your friends are playing in the right column, if hide “game request links” option is selected
  • Fixed “Wrote on Wall” Filter (again)

Install the updated version of FB Purity via the FB Purity Install Page

If you appreciate all the work that goes into developing and keeping FB Purity going, please show your support by donating. Huge thanks goes out to those who have already donated! :)

If you have any problems or find any bugs with FB Purity, please follow the FB Purity Troubleshooting Guide

Please also follow FB Purity News on Twitter and/or FB Purity News on Google Plus




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2 Responses to FB Purity v9.7.1 Fixes hiding the “similar to” popup and other bugs caused by the new newsfeed design

  1. Rebekah says:

    This is a brilliant Add-on! I wouldn’t be without it! Many folk are fed up with the constant changes being made by Facebook and want to get rid of the rubbish.

    The interesting thing is that FB will not allow me to post the links to this Add-on either on a page or in a private message. Just shows how effective it is – they don’t want anyone to use it!


  2. Rebekah says:

    Since my last message and since complaining to FB they have now removed F.B Purity completely from my page. Surely this is a breach of my freedom to use it!

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