FB Purity v9.7.0 Fixes Hide Offline Friends in Chat, Remove Trending Topics & more bugfixes

FB Purity Update - Features various bug fixes including fixing the Hide Trending Topics option

FB Purity v9.7.0 is out now. Clean up and Customize Facebook with the safe, free and top rated browser add-on.

FB Purity v9.7.0 is out now

Changes in this version:

  • Fixed the hide offline friends in chat option. (If you have 9.7.0 installed but dont see this option, clear browser cache, then re-install)
  • Fixed hiding the”Trending Topic/Hashtag” links in the newsfeed above posts by your friends or pages you like, if you have the hide “Trending Topics” option selected
  • Fixed “Wrote on wall” filter
  • Fixed hidden triangle that indicates a “wall post” if the hide emoticons option was selected
  • Fixed right click and middle click on external links in firefox (when fix links option selected)
  • Fixed the Firefox Sync disruption issue and also fixes the code line completion bug in Firebug and the bug with the TreeTab Style Firefox extensions
  • Added the new FB app “Paper” and Nokia app to the default app whitelist

Update to the latest version via the FB Purity Install Page

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You can also help by spreading the word about FB Purity to your friends and colleagues, so they can also benefit from FB Purity’s useful and essential functionality.

Please Note: If you have any problems or questions with/about FB Purity, please read the relevant information on the FB Purity website, including the FB Purity User Guide and the FB Purity FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting Guide)



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4 Responses to FB Purity v9.7.0 Fixes Hide Offline Friends in Chat, Remove Trending Topics & more bugfixes

  1. A says:

    Would it be possible to add a feature to view who unfriended you in the past? Hitting the “F” key is not possible if you accidentally leave the home page a second after any unfriend alert pops-up. I’ve done this twice already and can not view the alert again, despite using the “F” key. Once a new FB page has been selected it seems to negate that option. Can there be some sort of backlog or button introduced in to the next version?

  2. David Westenkirchner says:

    Where is the choice to hide the “Topics” section from the left hand column links??

    • admin says:

      If you clear your browser-cache then re-install, i have added the CSS code to hide the topics in the left column, to the Hide Trending Topics option.

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