FB Purity v9.2.1 – Fixes Hide Facebook Bubble Chat Option – New Hide Liked “This” Option + More

FB Purity v9.2.1 Adds a Remove Facebook Bubble Chat Option

Changes in this version:

  • Fixed: Hide “Bubble Chat” option
  • FB Purity lets you remove Balloon / Bubble Chat on Facebook on your computer

    Get Rid of Bubble Chat on Facebook with FB Purity

  • Fixed: Hide “Shared Link” filter
  • Fixed: Hide “Wrote on Wall” filter
  • Fixed: Hide “All Photos” filter
  • Added: Hide “Liked This” filter to the “Various Story Types” section of the Newsfeed Filters
  • Added an “FBP” button to the top nav bar, clicking it toggles the FBP options screen on or off, so you can now access it from any page on Facebook. (N.B. If you dont like this button you can change its colour or even hide it with Custom CSS)
  • The “TL” (Single Column Timeline) Button will now only show up in the top nav bar on “Fan/Like Pages”
  • Added a check on the font and background colour options, that alerts the user if they try and set the font colour and background colour to the same value.
  • Added “Facebook for Android” and “Facebook for IPhone” to the list of hideable links in the “hide links in left column” section

If you have any problems with FB Purity, please visit the FBP FAQ page, and work through the Troubleshooting Section, as it will almost certainly solve your problem, and if it doesn’t it explains what to do next.

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