FB Purity v27.1.2 is out now with lots of fixes! Happy Holidays!

FB Purity lets you clean up and customize facebook. Hiding all Facebook ads and letting you see only the things you want to see.

FB Purity lets you clean up and customize Facebook. It hides all Facebook ads and lets you see only the things you want to see.

FB Purity v27.0 Release Notes

Whats changed in this version:

  • Fixed Deleted Friends Alerts functionality wasn’t working at all previously, this should now be working again
  • Fixed hiding Instant Game posts if the “Hide game / app posts” option is turned on
  • Updated If the “Hide nagging questions” option is turned on, it now hides the nags at the top of group pages (Wondering Who’s Here” / “See what members are recommending“,”Start a group chat“, etc)
  • Fixed the “Remove comment bubble design” and “Bring back square profile pics” options
  • Fixed “Hide Text Animations” option
  • Fixed hide “Is Typing a Comment” option
  • Fixed hiding “Year in review” videos if hide “Shared a memory” or hide “Your memories” options are ticked
  • FixedNormalize Colored / Big Font Statuses” option
  • FixedTransparent newsfeed” option
  • FixedHide colored boxes in status update box” option on user timeline page
  • Fixed hiding the “Your story” option on your user timeline/profile page, if hide “Stories” option has been selected
  • Fixed The Show Deactivated Friends link was sometimes not appearing on your Friends page, this should work more consistently now

**UPDATE** v27.1.0 is out with extra fixes detailed below

  • Fixed video ad scanner to catch videos with ads that it was missing previously (fbp adds a “Watch vid (ad free)” link to video posts in which it detects  to have interstital ads embedded.
  • Updated the Text Filter function to also filter the “OCR” (optical character recognition) text Facebook sometimes finds in images.
    Image showing the Text Facebook has  detected to be contained in the image

    An example of an image in which Facebook’s AIgorithm has decoded the text contained in the image. (FBP has an option to display the info Facebook has decoded from an image, titled “Show Image Classifications on Hover” and it is located under the “Photo Options” heading on the FBP settings screen.

  • Fixed Text Filter bug where sometimes the text in a shared post would not be scanned by the text filter
  • Fixed large and small emoticon icons being shown when normalize status option was turned on
  • Removed hide 2018 election left column option
  • Added new Custom Reaction image set (cats)

*UPDATE* Fixed in 27.1.1

  • Fixed bug in hide “Game / App posts” filter, which stopped all other newsfeed filtering from working if a game post formatted in a specific way appeared in the feed

*UPDATE* Fixed in 27.1.2

  • Fixed a couple of minor cosmetic issues, also included hiding the “Send / request money” left column link in the hide “Payments section” left column link options functionality.

Known Issues:

If you have the hide “Stories” right column link option turned on, for some people it is hiding the “Newsfeed” option instead of the “Your Story” option in the Status Update box, that lets you choose either making a post to the Newsfeed or posting as a “Story”. If this is affecting you, turn off the hide “Stories” option (located under the “Hide Right Column Links” heading on the FBP options screen. The reason this issue is occuring is because facebook is displaying the options in reverse order for some people and not others. There is a manual CSS fix for this here.

If you have set a background colour, due to recent code changes at Facebook, the small chat windows will look wrong, this code change in the chat windows, also affects the “Revert Bubble Chat” option, which doesnt work correctly any more. I will be looking to fix these issues in future releases.

The Zap Comments function for hiding comments with just tags has stopped working in the newsfeed, it sill works on Pages and Groups for now.

Important information regarding the “Most Recent” Feed and F.B. Purity

A lot of people have been complaining about Facebook’s Most Recent feed and FBP’s option to keep you on the “Most Recent” feed permanently, saying that the Most Recent feed is not in chronological order. This is because Facebook have attempted to redefine what “Most Recent” actually means, and to Facebook unfortunately it no longer means Chronological order. All that the FBP option “News Sort: Most Recent” does is automatically switch you back to “Most Recent” if it detects Facebook has switched your Newsfeed to “Top Stories”. FBP does have functionality for sorting the feed Chronologically, but it is not automatic, and only runs if you press the “R” key on your keyboard (R for Re-Sort), this function when initiated will sort the currently loaded posts in the Newsfeed into chronological order, if any posts load after the feed has been sorted, for instance if you scroll the page down further, then those new posts will not be in the correct order, and you will need to press the “R” key again. Other possible options for viewing posts chronologically are to try viewing the “Friends Feed”, “Friends List” feeds, and also viewing individual “Timeline” pages, as they should be sorted chronologically.

Important Information for Chrome Users of F.B. Purity

Once you have installed FB Purity for Chrome, you should from then on receive automatic updates (Chrome checks for extension updates once every 5 hours). If you don’t want to wait, and know an update is available you can force an update by turning on “Developer Mode” on the Chrome extensions management page, then clicking the “Update” button at the top of the page (make sure you don’t have any facebook tabs open, so Chrome can unload the existing version first).

 To let other Google Chrome users know that FBP is safe and a great way to clean up Facebook Please leave a 5* review for F.B. Purity in the Google Chrome Webstore

Important information for Firefox users of F.B. Purity

Firefox users who are getting the “Connection Failure” error when trying to install FBP, I have discovered the reason why this is happening. It is a known bug in Firefox that occurs if you are using Antivirus software that monitors your web browsing. The work-around, as mentioned in the FAQ is to right click on the install button, then select save, then install the extension by dragging and dropping it on to the Firefox extension management page. This Firefox bug also prevents Firefox from automatically updating FBP when new versions are released.

Important Information for Microsft Edge users of F.B. Purity

FB Purity is now available as an official Microsoft Edge extension obtainable directly from the Microsoft Edge store  If you install the official Edge FBP extension from the Microsoft Edge store, it should auto-update when new versions are released in future. Be aware however that the Microsoft Store has a slow (manual) approval process for accepting extension updates, so the new version will not show up in the Microsoft Store for a day or two after I release an extension update.

 To let other Microsoft Edge users know that FBP is safe and a great way to clean up Facebook Please leave a 5* review for F.B. Purity in the Microsoft Edge Store

Important Information for Opera users of F.B. Purity

The FB Purity extension for Opera is now initially installed from this site via the “Inline” install method which actually sideloads the extension from the official Opera extensions website. Once it has been installed in that manner or via the Opera extensions site itself, whenever updates to the FBP extension are uploaded and approved on the Opera extensions site (this process can take a few days after I upload an update), the version of FBP in your browser should auto-update at some point. It can sometimes be triggered by closing the browser, waiting a bit and re-opening it, there is also an “Update Extensions Now” button on the Opera extensions management page.

Important Information for users of the Brave Browser

FB Purity can now be easily installed in the latest release of  the Brave browser by going to the FB Purity Chrome Webstore page and clicking the “Add to Chrome” button.


All other  FBP users can update to the latest version of FB Purity by clicking the green “Install F.B. Purity” button on the FB Purity Install page on FBPURITY.COM and then following the on screen instructions.

Get FB Purity here: https://fbpurity.com

If you have any problems with or questions about FBP, please use the available help resources on this website, including the FBP User Guide, and FBP FAQ page which includes a comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide that you should follow if you have any problems.

If you wish to support FB Purity, please Donate to ensure the continuation of this project. Many heartfelt thanks to those who have generously donated! :)

Please also tell all your Facebook friends and family about FBP too, cheers!

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Steve FBP

Facebook driving you crazy? Don’t get mad, Get FB Purity!

FB Purity Overview:

For those who don’t already know, FB Purity is a safe, free and top rated web browser extension for Google ChromeFirefoxEdgeSafari and Opera . It lets you clean up the junk and customize Facebook the way you want it to be. It has many cool features, such as hiding all the ads, alerting you when friends un-friend you, letting you change the site’s colours, fonts and background image,  it lets you stay on the “Most Recent” feed permanently and lots more. FB Purity has been reviewed and highly recommended in many places including the Washington Post, CNET, PCWorld, MacWorld, GetConnected etc and has over 447,000 users worldwide.

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6 Responses to FB Purity v27.1.2 is out now with lots of fixes! Happy Holidays!

  1. Peggy says:

    Thank you so very much for FB Purity. Thank you for keeping the software program updated when FB adds new ‘features’.

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you and the FB Purity family.

  2. You guys truly are the reason I am still on face book,it is getting impossible to be on face book without FBP!! Thank you so much!

  3. Rebecca Koelzer says:

    I recently found this and I love it. Only issue I am really running into is when I use sort my notifications in chronological order. When I open the notifications menu and scroll it automatically closes. Its driving me crazy. I undid the Chronological order settng and it stays open while I scroll now. It would be awesome to use that feature and be able to scroll. Let me know if its a setting I am missing. Thanks!

  4. David says:

    What happened to the “show deactivated friends” button?

    • admin says:

      It only shows on the old facebook design, if you have been switched to the new facebook design, you would need to switch to the old facebook design to get the button back. Check the latest post from this page on how to switch back to the old design.

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