3 Responses to FB Purity v22.0.0 is out now, with an Easy hide post (X) Button + Chronological Notifications option + more…

  1. davisd sprigga says:

    this is the3rd time i have installedd purity, looking for options we just dont have iyt anywhere, so we cabn do nothing with purity, its useless likethis, the last time i used thiswe had options that opend upand you couf make corrections but noytnow fix it if possible so we can use it

  2. Rick Witkowski says:

    If I read a post from a site like National Geographic that I don’t want to see again and again. How do it stop it from repeating with every comment? I have hit the X but they still seem to come back. I don’t want to unfollow them. I just wan’t to read and be done with it.

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