FB Purity V20.1.3 is out, fixing various things, and adding some new things :)

FB Purity V20.1.3 is out, it fixes various things, and adds a few new things :)

Clean up and Customize Facebook with the safe, free and top rated FB Purity browser add-on

One of FB Purity’s many useful functions is an option titled “News Sort: Most Recent” which when turned on, will keep your Facebook newsfeed permanently on the “Most Recent” feed.

Changes in this release:

  • Updated “News sort: most recent” function to work more efficiently (there should now be no pause between detecting you are on Top Stories and redirecting to the Most Recent feed)
  • Fixed FBP news notifications
  • Fixed FBP version update notifications
  • Fixed logout button not showing for some people, when show Logout button option is turned on
  • Fixed FBP options link not working if the “localstorage” storage type was turned off in the browser
  • Added hiding “Places Trending Today“, “Top 5 Places Near You“, “Featured Topic” and “Popular Across Facebook” to the hide “Trending Posts” newsfeed filter option (located under the “Newsfeed Filters” section of the FBP options screen)
  • Added hiding “Related Articles” to hide “Sponsored Box / Posts” option
  • Fixed deleted friend alerts being hidden under Timeline cover images
  • AddedShow Deactivated Friends” list functionality to Friends page.

    FB Purity lets you view your list of friends who have deactivated their accounts

    FB Purity lets you view your list of friends who have deactivated their accounts

  • FixedBA” (Block Application) + “WL” (Whitelist Application) buttons
  • Added hiding “Start a plan” button in chat to the “Hide Nagging Questions” filter option (located under the “Timeline Options” heading on the FBP options screen)
  • Fixed the “Hide offline friends” option was hiding the “Your pages” right column section
  • FixedClear Ad Prefs” functionality on the Ad preferences page
  • Fixed hiding the birthday icons in chat friends list
  • Added hide “Safety Check” and “Watch” left column link options
  • Fixed send message button on Pages when “Full screen chat” options is turned on.
  • Fixed missing buttons on Fan Page inboxes when “Hide nagging questions” option was turned on
  • New Hide left column link” options for “Movies” and “Watch
  • New “Hide right column link” options for “Stories” and “Watchlist
  • New option “Bring back square profile pics” to make round profile pictures square again, this option also changes the comment boxes from rounded rectangles back to normal rectangles. The option is located under the “Font, Colour & Design” heading on the FBP options screen.

Important Information for Microsft Edge users of FB Purity

FB Purity is now available as an official Microsoft Edge extension available directly from the Microsoft Edge store  So the old method of installing the FBP GM Script via the Tampermonkey extension is no longer required. If you install the official Edge FBP extension from the Microsoft Edge store, it should auto update when new versions are released in future.

 To let other Microsoft Edge users know that FBP is safe and a great way to clean up Facebook Please leave a 5* review for F.B. Purity in the Microsoft Edge Store

Important Information for Chrome Users of FB Purity

If you have  installed the FBP Chrome extension via the “Inline Install” method (by clicking the green “Install F.B. Purity” button on the FBP Install page) or directly via the Chrome Webstore, you should now receive automatic updates (Chrome checks for extension updates once every 5 hours). If you don’t want to wait, and know an update is available you can force an update by turning on “Developer Mode” on the Chrome extensions management page, then clicking the “Update Extensions Now” button (make sure you don’t have any facebook tabs open, so Chrome can unload the existing version first).

 To let other Google Chrome users know that FBP is safe and a great way to clean up Facebook Please leave a 5* review for F.B. Purity in the Google Chrome Webstore

All other  FBP users can update to the latest version of FB Purity by clicking the green “Install F.B. Purity” button on the FB Purity Install page on FBPURITY.COM and then following the on screen instructions.

Get FB Purity here: http://fbpurity.com

If you have any problems with or questions about FBP, please use the available help resources on this website, including the FBP User Guide, and FBP FAQ page which includes a comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide that you should follow if you have any problems.

If you wish to support FB Purity, please Donate to ensure the continuation of this project. Many heartfelt thanks to those who have generously donated! :)

Please also tell all your Facebook friends and family about FBP too, cheers!



Facebook driving you crazy? Don’t get mad, Get FB Purity!

FB Purity Overview

For those who don’t already know, FB Purity is a safe, free and top rated web browser extension for Google ChromeFirefoxEdgeSafari, Opera and Maxthon. It lets you clean up the junk and customize Facebook the way you want it to be. It has many cool features, such as hiding all the ads, alerting you when friends un-friend you, letting you change the site’s colours, fonts and background image,  it lets you stay on the “Most Recent” feed permanently and lots more. FB Purity has been reviewed and highly recommended in many places including the Washington Post, CNET, PCWorld, MacWorld, GetConnected etc and has over 453,000 users worldwide.

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7 Responses to FB Purity V20.1.3 is out, fixing various things, and adding some new things :)

  1. Paul says:

    Love the tool, very useful thank you! Is there an option so that groups can be set to “New Posts” rather than the default (and annoying) “Recent Activity” please?

  2. Faruk says:

    owo excellent tools.

  3. Orin says:

    Is there such a function to disable the damn “top posts across facebook ” in FBP?

  4. Fearless LeChien says:

    How do I hide the “Watch” tv screen icon in the top bar (new FB design)?

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