6 Responses to FB Purity v17.1.2 has been released with various fixes and a few new features.

  1. Joshua Seaman says:

    I may be in the minority here, but I actually like the larger font size for short statuses. Is there a way to disable the resizing of font for short statuses? Furthermore, the resized font does not look like a regular font of a longer status – the font thinner and the line spacing is too big. (I tried posting a photo of the comparison to show what it looked like on my browser, and had my comment deleted.)

    Any help here? Or is there a more appropriate place I can ask this question?

  2. Lif says:

    I just want to say I LOVE FLUFF BUSTING PURITY! Thank you for all you do. I’ve donated once this year but I think I’ll donate again just because you are SO on top of the useless crud that Facebook makes us deal with.

  3. Eileen Jordan says:

    I love FBP and have had it installed for at least 2 years now – It keeps the rubbish off my laptop and lets me choose what I want to see. Only since yesterday I have noticed the ticker panel to the right of my laptop screen has changed. I had it “split” between seeing updates from friends and seeing who was on line (Turn On Chat/Turn Off Chat). I can no longer see anything other than who is online when Chat is turned on. If I turn it off I see nothing at all. It is not the zoom and I completely baffled. Wondered if anyone else found this annoying.

    • admin says:

      facebook has got rid of the ticker for many people, theres nothing fbp can do, check the Facebook help forum for the thousands of other people complaining about this

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