FB Purity v13.4.2 Some new stuff, plus lots of bug fixes – though not the FF42 newsfeed filtering issue

FB Purity v13.4.2 is out now. This release fixes lots of bugs – though not the FF42 newsfeed filtering issue, I still need to work on that some more.

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FB Purity lets you clean up and customize Facebook.

Whats New:

  • Added: filters for hiding “Your Memories” AND “Shared a Memory”
  • Added: “liked x’s comment” pattern to the “Liked this” filter
  • Added: “replied to a comment” pattern to “Commented on this” filter
  • Added: visual indicator for “Whitelisted” posts
  • Added: option to hide new “Suggested” section in left column
  • Added: hiding the “Topics” section in the left column to the existing “Hide trending topics” option
  • Added: filtering out “interested in” event if the hide “Attending event” option is ticked

Whats fixed:

  • Fixed: position of “Logout” button
  • Fixed: hide stickers/emoticons option
  • Fixed: zap empty comments (that contain name tags only) function (You can activate the zap function by pressing the Z key)
  • Fixed: hide all videos option
  • Fixed: filtering ads from the newsfeed for latest firefox
  • Fixed: FBP link position in the top navbar
  • Fixed: game/app filters in the newsfeed.
  • Fixed: “Show more friends” in chat option
  • Fixed: “Full screen chat” option
  • Fixed: “Revert bubble chat” option
  • Fixed: some issues with background colours (if you clicked an image in chat to enlarge it, it would appear blank if a background colour was set.
  • Fixed: Transparent Newsfeed option.
  • Fixed: clicking a youtube video’s full screen button wouldnt work if you had a background image set, it should work ok now.
  • Fixed: hide emoticons/stickers option.

More on the Firefox 41/42+ newsfeed filtering issue: I’ve not yet got this fixed completely, though i have managed to get the ad filtering working in the newsfeed again. I’ve also re-instated the FF extension download, as previously it was not available on the download page, due to a misunderstanding on my part. I thought FF42 was blocking the installation of the extension, but I realise now its not yet blocking it, since Mozilla pushed back their blocking of unsigned extensions to FF43. If you want FBP’s newsfeed filtering to work correctly in Firefox, you need to read the previous post that explains how to get working again.

Install / Update the latest version of FB Purity by clicking the green “Install FB Purity” button on the FB Purity Install Page

If you wish to support FB Purity, please Donate to ensure the continuation of this project. Please also tell all your Facebook friends about FBP too,



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