FB Purity v12.9.1 Fixes: Various Bugs & Adds new Zap comments that are just tagged names function

FB Purity v12.9.1 released:

Block / Hide Facebook Ads, Get unfriend alerts, Customize Facebook, Hide Trending, Disable Autoplay etc etc with the safe free and top rated FB Purity

Clean up and Customize Facebook with the safe, free and top rated FB Purity browser add-on.

Changes in this Version:

  • New: Added a “Z” key keyboard shortcut for zapping comments that just contain name tags and nothing else. Pressing “Z” temporarily hides those comments to let you see comments with actual content.
  • Fixed: Can’t view facebook videos when “Sort most recent” option turned on
  • Fixed: “On this day” page redirecting back to newsfeed when “Sort most recent” option turned on
  • Fixed: “Full screen chat” option for the new thin chat sidebar
  • Fixed: Intermittent bug with show logout button option (its related to slow pages)
  • Fixed: Hide “Group suggestions” in right column option
  • Fixed: Hide “On this day” link in left column option
  • Fixed: Hide “New groups” left column link option
  • Fixed: FBP automatic update check
  • Removed: Removed “Disable autoplay” option (Replaced with click to disable autoplay link that turns off facebook’s own built-in disable autoplay option)
  • Removed: Removed “Single column timeline” option as its not required anymore

Update to the latest version of FB Purity by clicking the green “Install FB Purity” button on the FB Purity Install Page

If you have any questions or problems with FB Purity, please read and follow the advice on the FB Purity FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, thanks.

If you wish to support FB Purity, please Donate to ensure the continuation of this project. Please also tell all your Facebook friends about FBP too,



FB Purity is a safe, free and top rated web browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Maxthon. It lets you hide all Facebook ads, hide the junk and interface elements that you dont want to see, filter out posts in the newsfeed you are not interested in, and Customise Facebook’s style to make it look how you want it to look. It lets you change the fonts, change the background image, make the newsfeed transparent, alert you if your friends un-friend you and many more cool features.

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4 Responses to FB Purity v12.9.1 Fixes: Various Bugs & Adds new Zap comments that are just tagged names function

  1. christine lombardi says:

    can you block a comment without deleting it?

    • admin says:

      the “z” key zap function mentioned in this post, just temporarily hides comments that just consist of tagged names

  2. Dave says:

    Where do I find older versions? I had to unload 13.2.1 and find just to have it work for me. I would like to experiment with later versions and find what the newest that will work for me is.

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