FB Purity v12.5.1 Features: Better game/app privacy, updated disable autoplay videos function, plus many bug fixes

FB Purity v12.5.1 has been released:

FB Purity cleans up Facebook, hides all the ads and lets you Customize how it looks and behaves.

FB Purity v12.5.1 has been released. It features lots of bug fixes and some cool new features.

Changes in this Version:

FB Purity adds new Newsfeed  Options:

FB Purity adds new Newsfeed Options: “Unread Stories” & “Photo Stories”

  • New:Unread Stories” link. If you click the “Newsfeed” selector in the top left hand corner, FB Purity  adds a link to Facebook’s new “Missed Stories” feed, which is titled “Unread Stories” – “Posts you might like but haven’t seen yet.”
  • New:Photo Stories” link. If you click the “Newsfeed” selector in the top left hand corner, FBP adds a link to Facebook’s old “Photos” feed”
  • New: I added a warning if a game or app requests your email address, also made the Block App button more prominent on game intro pages, and fixed the block app link on actual game pages
FB Purity improves your security and privacy on Facebook

FB Purity inreases your security and privacy on Facebook. In this example FBP checks if games / apps are trying to get your email address, and warns you about it. It also lets you know if the app wants the ability to post to your Timeline.

  • Fixed: If you have the “Sort: Most Recent” option turned on, previously you couldn’t select to view “Top Stories” as FBP would change you back to the “Most recent” feed again. This is fixed, now if you select “Top Stories” via the toggle at the top of the left hand column of the newsfeed, FBP will temporarily allow you to view the Top Stories, but clicking the “Home” link or FBP logo will change you back to “Most Recent” again.
  • Fixed: Some people were getting redirected to the “Find Friends” page. This would occur if there were no posts at all in the newsfeed, and FBP would try and auto click the “More stories” button, but in this case it was actually a “Find Friends” button. Also fixed redirects on “Pages Feed” and “Friends/Interest list” pages, and also fixed the redirect that sometimes occured when trying to watch a video, where it would redirect you back to the newsfeed after a couple of seconds.
For a cleaner less annoying Facebook, Get FB Purity

FB Purity cleans the Junk Off Facebook

  • Fixed: The hide “Graphical Smileys / Emoticons” option as well as hiding emoticons now also hides Facebook’s new stickers in comments functionality
  • Fixed: Previously when you opened the FBP options screen it would scroll you to the top of whichever page you were viewing, I fixed it so now, when you close the FBP options screen, it returns you to your previous position on the page
  • Fixed: Web Font selection bug, it would sometimes show the wrong selected font, if the one you had selected had a similar name to the one you actually selected
  • Fixed: If the “Disable Autoplay” option was turned on, clicking facebook videos in the newsfeed would only work on the second click of the play button. I’ve now removed FBP’s “Disable Autoplay” videos option, and have replaced it with a link to Facebook’s own Video Settings page, when FBP opens the settings page via that link, it automatically turns off autoplay for you.
FB Purity makes it easy to turn off / disable Video Autoplay on Facebook

Screenshot of FB Purity‘s new Disable Video Autoplay functionality on Facebook

  • Fixed: The “Hide all Videos” filter should filter out all videos again.

If you have any questions or problems with FB Purity, please read and follow the advice on the FB Purity FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, thanks.

If you wish to support FB Purity, please Donate to ensure the continuation of this project. Please also tell all your Facebook friends about FBP too,



FB Purity is a safe, free and top rated web browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Maxthon. It lets you hide all Facebook ads, hide the junk and interface elements that you dont want to see, filter out posts in the newsfeed you are not interested in, and Customise Facebook’s style to make it look how you want it to look. It lets you change the fonts, change the background image, make the newsfeed transparent, alert you if your friends un-friend you and many more cool features.

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  1. This will come very useful, especially “Unread Stories” link. I’m tired of every time I go to Facebook I always see same stories and posts I already saw again and again.

    Thanks for your share!


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