FB Purity v12.1 : Fixes Hide Sponsored Box + Hide Games You May Like, Hide Auto Tag Suggestions, “More Stories”

FB Purity cleans up and customises Facebook

Clean up and Customize Facebook with the safe, free and top rated FB Purity browser add-on.

FB Purity v12.1.0 has been released:


Fixed: The Hide Sponsored Box option (it hides all facebook ads)

Fixed: Tag suggestions for “Share” popup menu (share in group/share on friend’s timeline), Fixed tagging users in photos, and locations, tag suggestions on “View as” page when the hide “Auto Tag Suggestions” option is turned o.

Fixed: The firefox FBP extension problem of FBP not loading / showing up when new Facebook tabs were opened.

For a cleaner less annoying Facebook, Get FB Purity

FB Purity cleans the Junk Off Facebook

New: It now auto clicks the “More Stories” button on initial page load if there are no or few stories in the feed due to the stories you don’t want to see being filtered out.

New: Hide “Friend Requests” icon in “Top Nav Bar” options.

Updated: The “Sort: Most Recent” code, so it will switch to Top Stories even less often than before.

Updated: The hide “Apps & Games” option to completely hide “Games You May Like” instead of filtering it to the extras tab as was done previously.

I also cleaned out a lot of old code that wasn’t needed any more. Will work on cleaning the code up even in future releases, to make it even more efficient.

If you have any questions or problems with FB Purity, please read and follow the advice on the FB Purity FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, thanks.


If you have any problems or questions with FB Purity FAQ please check the FAQ

The FB Purity FAQ is full of useful information and advice about using the safe, free and top rated FB Purity browser extension (Image copyright of Disney)  BTW Did you know you can view Animated Gifs on Facebook with FB Purity? Just tick the “Show Animated Gifs” option.

If you wish to support FB Purity, please Donate to ensure the continuation of this project. Please also tell all your Facebook friends about FBP too,



FB Purity is a safe, free and top rated web browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Maxthon. It lets you block all Facebook ads, hide the junk and interface elements that you dont want to see, filter out posts in the newsfeed you are not interested in, and Customise Facebook’s style to make it look how you want it to look. It lets you change the fonts, change the background image, make the newsfeed transparent, and many more cool features.

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