FB Purity Updated to fix the news article and external link interception/redirection

FB Purity Update


  • Fixed Facebook’s news article and external link interception/redirection

Due to a code change at Facebook, the “fix news article and link redirect” option had stopped working. Ive updated the FBP files on fbpurity.com with a code fix. Ive not updated the version number, so if you want this update, just clear your browser cache and re-install via http://fbpurity.com

BTW You may or may not know this, but facebook has around 700-800 developers, and there is just one of me, so the rate of changes in the Facebook code can be hard to keep up with sometimes.

If you already have FBP v7.6.1 and dont require the fix for the external link and news article redirection/interception then theres no need to update.

If you do need the fix, or have a version of FBP older than v7.6.1, Install the update via FBPurity.com

If you like FB Purity and would like to see its development continue, please do support me, by donating: donate.fbpurity.com



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