F.B. Purity v8.6.1 Speeds Up filtering, Fixes hide pokes + more fixes


Filter out the junk on Facebook with FB Purity

Use FB Purity to Cleans up and Customize facebook. Hide all the ads! Get rid of Suggested Posts / Suggested Pages / Sponsored Posts etc

I’ve just released v8.6.1 of F.B. Purity the browser extension that lets you clean up and customize what you see on Facebook.  This version is mainly a maintenance release, fixing various things.


  • The start up time of the extension has been improved a great deal, meaning its faster to start filtering, hiding content and applying your CSS style changes when you load the facebook page. This means you should see even less of the ads, as they should be already filtered out before the page finishes loading.
  • Fixed the  hide “Pokes” in the right hand column option.
  • Added a ‘hide “Like Page” button’ option for hiding those annoying “Like Page” buttons that show up on shared items in the newsfeed. ( This option is under the “Newsfeed Filters” / “Link / Page Stories” heading on the FBP options screen )
  • Fixed the hide emoticons option, this filter should filter out emoticons in more locations than before.  ( This option hides the small graphical smileys on Facebook)
  • Fixed the intermittent functioning of the “restore comment button” option. ( This option stops the “Enter” key from submitting your comment before you are ready to submit it, allowing you to easily write multi line comments)
  • Fixed the intermittent functioning of the “fix external link redirection” option.  ( This option stops Facebook tracking and intercepting the external links that you click when browsing Facebook. )
  • Fixed the display of the FBP info bar and newsfeed filtering functionality for some users.

As usual you can get the updated version of F.B. Purity via the F.B. Purity website : http://fbpurity.com

If you like F.B. Purity appreciate all the work I have put into this, please support F.B. Purity by sharing it with your friends, giving it positive reviews and donating, which you can do via http://donate.fbpurity.com

Some Facebook Tips :

Facebook Graph Search

If you are interested in trying out Facebook’s new “Graph Search” feature, which is basically a new Facebook search engine, and you don’t already have it enabled on your Facebook account, you can test it out by switching your Facebook language to “English (US)”. To do that click the “cogwheel” icon in the top right of your page, then select “Account Options” then select “English (US)”  as the language. You will then automatically be able to use the “Facebook Graph” Search engine, via the new search box at the top of your Facebook page.

If on the other hand you have the new “Facebook Graph” search but dont like it, or you simply prefer having the notifications on the left hand side of the search box, instead of the right hand side, you can for now turn off Facebook Graph search by switching your Facebook language to anything other than “English (US)”, see the above instructions on how to change your Facebook language. That should turn off Graph Search and revert your notifications to the left side of the search box.

Get FB Purity and enjoy a cleaner, purer more streamlined Facebook 

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