FB Purity Update v8.5.2 – Fixes TL button for graph search bar, hide emoticons option + some font setting display fixes

FB Purity - Clean up Facebook

FB Purity – Cleans up and Customizes Facebook

I’ve released F.B. Purity v8.5.2

Changes Summary:
* Fixed the “TL” button, for switching Facebook “Like Pages” (aka Fan Pages) from the two column layout to a single column layout. (Previously the button wouldnt show up if you had the new Graph Search Bar, it should show up again now).
* Fixed the “Hide Emoticons” option. (most emoticons should be hidden again now)
* Fixed some display issues when the font size setting was enabled.
* Added “Games you may like” to the apps/games filter in the newsfeed.

Please note the Safari version of the extension can no longer be updated, as Apple do not support Safari on Windows any more, and do not provide information on how to renew the Safari Developers Certificate for Windows users. If you want the latest version of FBP and are a Safari user, i suggest you install Chrome or Firefox instead.

BTW if you are curious to try out Facebook’s new graph search feature, and its not yet been enabled on your account, you can enable it, by switching your Facebook interface language to “English (US)” in your Facebook account settings. Once you have enabled the language change, Graph Search will be enabled on your account. If you want to remove the Graph Search bar, you can simply switch your language setting back to whatever it was before. I’m expecting this workaround wont last long, as they will probably be launching Graph Search for all languages soon.

Install the updated version of FB Purity here: http://www.fbpurity.com

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