FB Purity Update v7.9.5 – Fixes Settings Reset Bug

This new version has been a long time coming, as its taken a lot of work to fix and get it working correctly.

It fixes the issue with FBP’s settings getting reset (and the new user screen popping up). It also fixes the comment button restore functionality.

Fixes the restore Facebook Comment Button functionality.

Hides sponsored news stories from your news feed

This has taken a hell of a lot of time to get it working again, as it involved rewriting a lot of the extension’s code. I hope you appreciate my efforts. If you’d like to help support FBP, please donate:

Install v7.9.0 via the FB Purity website



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6 Responses to FB Purity Update v7.9.5 – Fixes Settings Reset Bug

  1. Kevin says:

    does your purity ext., modify the “editing” of status/comments? i can’t click on the X to remove… and there’s no EDIT option… on my wall.. comments, yes… but not when posting status’s to my own wall… the X is off to the right, and disappears when trying to click it.. is that you? or FB?’s fault? :)

    • admin says:

      No FBP shouldnt affect that, of course you can test it out for yourself by temporarily disabling FBP.

      • sdbshsfb says:

        Found this page searching for “temporarily disable”.. – I cannot figure out HOW to do just that, there doesn’t seem to be a “master switch” anywhere in the settings.

        How do I do that?

  2. cannot access facebook purity settings font size

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