FB Purity Update v6.0.0 – FBP extension for firefox is now restartless + hide read articles filter + various fixes and tweaks

Changes in FB Purity v6.0.0

  • Firefox extension version is now restartless (You need to first uninstall the old version and restart your browser before installing this version)
  • added a hide “read an article” option
  • app whitelist and custom text filter are now textareas and each item now needs to be on a separate line, rather than comma separated.
  • fixed the shared photo filter
  • fixed the fan page stories filter
  • updated the facebook places (checkins) filter
  • sped up the page filtering
  • improved the “likes page” filter
  • fixed event story filters
  • removed redundant box hiding options
  • reduced wall options to single “wrote on wall” option
  • added a basic check for updates button
  • stopped filtering the current user and fbp’s updates
  • For more info on this release and to provide feedback, see the FB Purity fan page
  • The firefox extension is also now compatible with Seamonkey and Iceape

If you appreciate my work on FBP, please donate

If you are re-installing, first clear your browser cache, then install the updated version of F.B. Purity

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