FB Purity Update v34.6.7 – Fixes hiding Sponsored Posts

As you are probably aware by now, Facebook have changed their Sponsored Post code again, which means most people will be seeing Sponsored posts again in their Newsfeed.
I’ve released an updated version of F.B. Purity (v34.6.7) which should fix this for most people:. This release is now available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and GM Script. Your version of FBP should autoupdate at some point to the new version, if it doesn’t or if you want to get the update right away, use your browser’s extensions/addons management page to check for updates.
The edge extension version will go live when Microsoft approve the update. They are the slowest at approving updates, so it may take a few days. Its worth noting however that Edge can run Chrome extensions, so you could install the chrome extension instead of the edge version, if you cant be bothered to wait. (Make sure you uninstall or disable the edge version first though, if you alreaedy have FBP installed) You could also export your FBP settings using the “Export Settings” link at the bottom of the FBP options screen, in order to transfer your settings from the edge version to the chrome version.
Please note that this release does not fix the “blank screen bug” mentioned in a recent post on the fbp fan page , as I have not yet had time to figure out a fix for that.
Please also note that I’m aware the version number showing on the FBP website does not match this release version number, i will update that later on when it becomes available for all browsers)
Please try out FBP v34.6.7 FBP and let me know if it fixes hiding the Sponsored Posts for you,
If you are not using the Edge version of the FBP extension, while you are waiting for FBP to become available for your browser, you can try using FBP’s “Zap the Ads” function, which was explained in a recent post from this Page on July 6th. By reports I am receiving, that function is working for some people at getting rid of the ads.
PS Sorry for the delay with this release, but i had a short but very much needed holiday.
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One Response to FB Purity Update v34.6.7 – Fixes hiding Sponsored Posts

  1. Marge says:

    Firefox says I’m running v34.8.2.0
    It seems this would be more advanced than the v34.5, but I am seeing Sponsored posts again in the last couple days.

    No wonder programmers are in high demand. We have dueling geeks facing off on Facebook! Thank you for trying to come up the winner so we can benefit.

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