FB Purity Update 7.6.0 – Disables Facebook’s external link checker, adds ‘X’ links to remove events on the events page + more

FB Purity Update v7.6.0


  • Removed Facebooks link checking redirects on external links, which means Facebook cant block links, cant track what links you click on, and speeds up opening external links (can be turned back on if you deselect the “fix news article and link redirects” option)
  • Added Remove event “x” links on events page ( facebook.com/events/ , to make it easier to delete/remove events
  • Highlights applications in “App Center” that request email or posting permissions
  • Fixed block application link on application pages
  • Fixed application blocking when user has FB interface set to a language other than English

Install the update via FBPurity.com

If you like FB Purity and would like to see its development continue, please do support me, by donating: donate.fbpurity.com



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