FB Purity – Script Update v3.9.4 – Various Fixes

I’ve updated F.B. Purity, the Facebook homepage cleaner GM script / extension for Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.


  • Fixed mangled BA (Block Application + WL (Whitelist) links
  • Fixed “FB-Glitch” error on friends list pages
  • Hides sponsored box on search pages if Hide Sponsored Box option is set
  • Added link to info about AVG antivirus clash (if you are running AVG you might experience the 2 versions of FBP, script collision error message)
  • Fixed Opera bug with localstorage.

If you appreciate the script, please donate ( http://donate.fbpurity.com ) to support development and time spent troubleshooting and helping users etc, all of which take up lots of my time, FB Purity is all the work of a single person, me, Steve.

You can install the updated version of F.B. Purity (v3.9.4) here: http://install.fbpurity.com

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