FB Purity v8.3.0: Adds Hide Gifts & Hide Notification popup box options

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FB Purity Update: v8.3.0

Changes Summary for this release:

  • Added “Hide Facebook Gifts” links option.
  • Added “Hide Notifications Popup Box” option.
  • Fixed bug in the options screen news panel (bug-if feed was too short, surfaced due to facebook’s post deletions)
  • Fixed add “Block Application” link on Facebook games and applications sidebar.
  • Fixed the “Hide all Videos” filter.
  • Fixed hidden file upload buttons when background color is set.
  • Fixed hidden event page buttons in single column timeline layout mode.
  • Improves group story filtering, when “hide joined group” option is ticked.

Please note that this update is not compatible with the new Newsfeed or new Timeline designs, because I have not yet got those on my account, and I cannot update FBP until i get them.

Upgrade / Install FB Purity v8.3.0 via the Official FB Purity website

To stay up to date with the latest FB Purity News and Releases, subscribe to the FB Purity mailing list (via the box in the right column). You can also get the latest news via the FB Purity Fan Page on Facebook, but make sure to subscribe to notifications from the page by hovering over the “Like” button on the page and selecting “Get Nofifications” otherwise Facebook wont show you all the posts from the page. You can also follow FB Purity news on Twitter and Google Plus

FB Purity just passed the 80,000 fans mark on Facebook. There are over a billion users on Facebook who will benefit from using this app, so please help spread the word about FB Purity, lets get the word out about this app, dont let your friends use Facebook without it! :)



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6 Responses to FB Purity v8.3.0: Adds Hide Gifts & Hide Notification popup box options

  1. david says:

    well i just got the new fb ad they have blocked the kink to go to the purity settings page. is there a way i can get to the page again so i can change my settings

    • admin says:

      You will need to wait till i get the new newsfeed design on my account, before i can update fbp. btw even if you could access the settings, fbp’s filtering options would most likely not work, due to the new design.

  2. anne says:

    Is no news good news? haven’t seen any updates or news in quite some time. Has FaceB stopped messing around with everything?

  3. admin says:

    I dont think they will ever stop tinkering with the site, and messing with fbp.

  4. I do not know how it works’i have entered it. But it does not seem to work. I have faces and text list but it doesnt seem to do anything when i try .

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