FB Purity – Meta story match error fixed. BA + WL links fixed. Extra story filtering still not working though

The meta-data outage that has stopped the FBP extra filters from working for a lot of people, is still ongoing, though weirdly some people are not affected by it, and fbp continues to work fine. This leads me to believe its possible its just a bug on facebook’s part and they might restart sending the meta-data out at some point, so i’ve held off on releasing a full update of FBP. Another reason for holding off on it, is its going to be a lot of work to fix it, as without the meta-data it means I will have to use the actual text of each post to determine what the content is, which will lead to lots of headaches, as facebook is available in over 40 different languages, which means the text that identifies a post as a “like” or as a “is now friends” will be different for each language fb uses for its interface.

I did get to the bottom of the popup error that occurs for people with the Firefox extension version of FBP, and have uploaded a fixed version. It also fixes the visible frame around the ticker box, if you have chosen to hide the ticker bar. Just clear your browser cache and then reinstall from http://install.fbpurity.com for the fixed version.

There is also a workaround for getting the extra filters to work, you basically need to use the “Custom Text Filter” and put the text that recurs in the post types that you want to filter out, into the Custom Text Filter, and it should filter out most of the junk you dont want to see. See the troubleshooting section of the FAQ for more info on that.

I will be waiting and watching further developments of the Facebook interface, and also researching the best way to deal with this new change, in case it is indeed a permanent one.

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If you are re-installing, first clear your browser cache, then install the updated version of F.B. Purity

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