FB Purity v8.8.2 – Hide Sticker Packs in Chat, Fixed: Sort Most Recent & Block Game / App buttons

FB Purity v8.8.2 - New and Improved - Clean Up and Customize Facebook

FB Purity Update v8.8.2 – Hide Sticker Packs in Facebook Chat – Force Newsfeed to always be sorted by “Most Recent” – Block Games and Apps – Block Facebook Ads

FB Purity v8.8.2 has been released

F.B Purity, the safe, free and very highly rated browser extension, that helps you clean up your Facebook experience, has been updated to v8.8.2

New in this release:

  • Fixed “Sort Most Recent” option for the new newsfeed design, and also improved it for the old design too.
  • Adds Hide Sticker Packs checkboxes to the Sticker Pack Store, for hiding sticker packs you dont want to use any more. (N.B. This feature is not compatible with Opera 12.x or Safari 5.x)Hide / Remove / Get Rid of Facebook Sticker Packs with the FB Purity browser extension
  • FB Purity now has the ability to let you hide unwanted sticker packs in Facebook Chat, just open the Sticker Store via the basket icon in the chat window and select the sticker packs that you want to hide.
  • Fixed the “Block Appbuttons on game and app permission request dialogs and game and app pages, allowing you to block games and apps more easily.
  • Added “BA” (Block Application) links to game and app listings in the App Center
  • Fixed the “Hide Trending Topics / Hashtags Box” option, so it now also Hides “Is Trending” stories in the newsfeed, if you have the “hide trending topics/hashtags box” option ticked.

As usual you can get the latest update via the official F.B. Purity download site: http://www.fbpurity.com

If you appreciate all the hard work I do, that goes in to keeping FB Purity working and updating it to add new features, support the users, etc, please donate to show your support. Please also help spread the word about FB Purity, by telling your friends about it, and sharing it on Facebook (I know facebook are blocking direct links to the FBPurity.com website, but it is possible to get around the block, by sharing the promotional images on the Fluff Busting Purity Fan Page.

BTW To stay informed of the latest news and updates to F.B. Purity, you can subscribe to this newsfeed via email, see the subscribe box in the side panel of this page. You can also “like” the FB Purity fan page on Facebook but also make sure to subscribe to notifications from that page, so you dont miss any news. Also in case Facebook decide to delete the FB Purity Fan Page on Facebook, you should also subscribe to FB Purity news on Twitter and Google Plus

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4 Responses to FB Purity v8.8.2 – Hide Sticker Packs in Chat, Fixed: Sort Most Recent & Block Game / App buttons

  1. cate says:

    Great application. I have ticked the “hide” option in the sticker store, but the Pandi pack still shows in the chat box. I have cleared the cache of Fire Fox but this did not help and was wondering if you had some solution. Thank you.

  2. info@fischbytes.com says:

    Two years later, and still the same problem. I just sought out a solution, and so installed FB Purity. But even though I’ve figured out how to Remove the installed Stickers via the Sticker Store, the 3 stickers I’ve unwittingly clicked in the past still display and are still active via an untitled panel. They’re very large and easy to still accidentally hit, and they’ll still send IMMEDIATELY, without choice or ability to retract. I just accidentally sent them all to a list of 20 people!! Gaaahhhh!!

    How can I clear the cache from previous Messenger stickers?

    • admin says:

      If you can figure out the CSS required, you could hide the individual stickers with FBP’s Custom CSS feature

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