Facebook’s latest ridiculous sabotage attempts against FB Purity

Outrageous! Facebook’s latest atttempt to sabotage FB Purity.

Facebook have claimed that I’ve violated their Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, with the following light hearted comment i posted on the FBP fan page ( http://facebook.com/fluffbustingpurity ) on Facebook in reply to a users request for information:

“read the post that you are replying to. The new instructions for
installing on chrome are there. They are also listed on the install page on
fbpurity .com

If one more person asks how to install the chrome extension i think i will

Can anyone explain how on earth that comment is violating Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities? This is insane!

In addition to the accusation, they have also blocked me from posting to Facebook for 24 hours, and also say if I do it again, i may be banned permanently from Facebook!

Ridiculous abuse of power!

I’m including screenshots of the messages i received when i logged in today.

(Please note that the blurred out text in the first image is just the Facebook user name of the person i was replying to, which ive blurred out to protect their identity and privacy)

Please help to publicise this outrageous and ridiculous abuse of power. (you can +1 and reshare the google plus post about it here or retweet the Twitter post about it here. You can also post those links to Facebook to help get the word out.


Steve (FBP Developer)

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