Facebook made a new change that broke newsfeed filtering completely! FB Purity v35.0.1 should fix that

Facebook made a new change that broke newsfeed filtering completely!

I managed to get it working again in FB Purity v35.0.1. This release is available for all browsers, (apart from Chrome (And chrome clones) right now, as I’m still waiting for Google to approve the Chrome extension update)

The clicking links in the newsfeed issue is still not fixed however, the workaround should still work (right click, open in new tab or middle click/ mousewheel click on the link)

There is also a new weird facebook bug, where after 40 posts are loaded in the feed, as well as bumping off posts off the top of the feed whenever more posts are loaded, theres also now extra weirdness where even facebook links stop working properly, and weird text appears in the left column.



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  1. CeeJay says:

    Cheers for the update! Was wondering what was happening but glad you’re on it! Thanks for the wonderful work!

  2. Ray says:

    I had to manually update in my Windows Firefox to 35.0.1 because when I clicked on the Check for latest version of FBP, it told me that I had the latest update of 34.9.0 and it wasn’t detecting the newer update. I was seeing sponsored ads with that version and that’s why I checked for an update.

  3. Ben says:

    nice, I’m glad you are working on it. I’m on chrome so I will have to wait

  4. John C. says:

    Doesn’t seem to be updating on Brave. Still at 34.9 after selecting update.

  5. Paul Pferdner says:

    On Chrome, I now have v. 35.1.5. Is this supposed to address the newsfeed filtering issue? It seems stable now, but I get a clickable note saying “Back to top posts” that gets me back all of my newsfeed as far back as I want to go. But I have to click that every time I open FB. Is that the way it’s going to be? Anyway, thanks for the stability.

    p.s. I don’t see the other 6 comments on this post here, should I be able to?

    • admin says:

      im not sure why you are asking what is explained in the post you are replying to.

      BTW facebook has 2 versions of the newsfeed “most recent” and “top posts”, facebook usually defaults to “top posts”, but if you are always seeing the “back to top posts” link, that sounds like you may have turned on fbp’s “news sort: most recent” option, which automatically keeps you switched to the “most recent” version of the newsfeed.

  6. Lawrence Richard Heck says:

    I have at work on a PC and at home on a Mac both using Chrome. At work FBP blocks sponsored posts. At home on the Mac it does not. Funny thing, for a day or two 34.9.0 started blocking sponsored posts again. With the upgrade sponsored posts returned. I think it is Whack-a-Mole time. Good luck and thanks for all the hard work.

  7. dod says:

    fbp now hides my whole newsfeed

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